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Back in August, Jabra’s debut Its very affordable Elite d The earbud offers the model all the basic features you would expect from a set of truly wireless earbuds with good sound quality, tough battery life and comfortable fit. And all that only costs you $ 80. Some were left out – most notably the lack of active noise cancellation (ANC) – but the company is officially launching a new option at CES that lowers the price and checks more boxes: Elite 4 is active.

When these earbuds Create an initial look In the UK Last week, Jabra Has now been officially announced New set for the United States. Elite 4 Active has similar design features Range of new earbuds The company started announcing last year. This means that the buds should be comfortable due to their small size and recently redesigned shape. As the name implies, the Elite 4 Active is designed to withstand sweaty workouts with an IP57 waterproof rating.

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In the case of audio, the Elite 4 Active has a 6mm driver and you can tweak the EQ through the Jabra app. This new model also includes the ANC, which is not in the more affordable Elite 3. The only caveat is that it is not as compatible as the noise cancellation in the flagship Elite 7 Pro Earbud Jabra’s clarity mode, HearThrough, is available in Elite 4 Active so you can listen to your surroundings when you need to. Four mesh microphones support the call and Jabra says their design will reduce wind noise.

Like the Elite 3, you can expect up to seven hours of battery life with an extra three charges in the case. The Jabra also includes features like earbud solo, Google Fast Pair, Alexa built-in and Spotify tap playback. The best part? These are available from $ 120 to today Amazon And Chew.

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