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The mailbox, located near the entrance to Amazon’s facility, has been published as part of the evidence in a union bid to overturn the election results.

By Bloomberg

Security guards at an warehouse in Alabama had the key to a mailbox the company encouraged workers to use to mail their ballots in high-profile union elections earlier this year, a worker told a National Labor Relations Board hearing Friday.

Kevin Jackson, who has worked at Bessemer’s warehouse for more than a year, said he went to see two guards at the mailbox and used the key to open one of its doors. The mailbox, located near the entrance to the Amazon facility, has been published as part of the evidence in a union bid to overturn the election results.

On April 16, the retailer and department store union accused Amazon of misconduct, including making anti-union threats, firing an employee for distributing union cards, and pressuring workers to use mailboxes to vote.

The mailbox was provided by the U.S. Postal Service at Amazon’s request, and union officials accused the agency of installing the box to monitor workers’ voting. Federal law prevents employees from overseeing union election activities. The establishment of the mailbox in accordance with the April 30 order of the acting regional director of the trade union created the idea that Amazon “controls election strategies”.

Amazon denied a regular motive for requesting the mailbox, saying it was installed to help ensure a strong turnout. “This mailbox – which only had access to USPS – was a simple, secure, and completely alphabetical way to make it easier for employees to vote, nothing more,” the company said in a statement last month.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Jackson’s allegations.

The “cluster” mailbox has several doors with locks. Jackson said that as he was leaving work one morning he saw security guards approach the box, then one of them used a key to open a large box at the bottom labeled “1P.” He said.

Amazon employees polled 1,798 to 738 votes against joining the union in the seven-week mail-in election that ended in March. The Labor Board has the power to invalidate election results in response to behavior that could change the outcome and prevent workers from voting freely on integration.

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