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New animated series Star Trek: Craigie Alien Rock-Tahak (Riley Alazraki) on the bridge at Prodigy.

This is a short snippet, but this is the new look Star Trek: Prodigy It still gives us a lot: look with a broom Continuous’ Main ship Since it gives the energy to appear for the first time in a long time — and that moment is two The main character of the series, 17 years old Pulses (Brett Gray) and Eight-year-old Rock-Tahak (Riley Alajraki), Understand that powered ships mean they can understand what the other is saying for the first time.

This is a beautiful exchange. Whatever the chaotic interaction they had before it no longer mattered, and that hulking real Rok-Tahk This is not the word All Like pulses Guess That gives a valuable reminder Star TrekLike life, if you judge a book by it, you can’t go too far in creating teamwork, ah, Alien rock-encrusted cover.

Here is the official sceneFor oposis Star Trek: Prodigy: “Developed by Emmy Award winners Kevin and Dan Hegemann (Trollhunter And Ninjago) CG-Animated Series Star Trek: Prodigy First Star Trek The series aims at young audiences and will follow a diverse crew of young aliens who, while navigating a larger galaxy, need to determine how to work together in search of a better future. These six young men know nothing about the deported ship that they commanded-The first in its history Star Trek FFarm-But during their adventure together, they will each be introduced to Starfleet and the ideals it represents. ”

The rest of the cast includes Ella Purnell as Guin, De Bradley Baker as Murph, Angus Imri as Zero and As Jason Montzukas Jankom Pog – Plus, of course, Star Trek Royal Kate Mulgrew As ProdigyOf Emergency training hologram. (John Noble and Jimmy Simpson He is also on the ship as a villainPredictor “ And Dreadnought, respectively.)

Star Trek: Prodigy Premier October 26 at Paramount + A; AAfter the series ends, It will then start broadcasting on Nickelodeon.

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