The King of Jordan, the prince appeared together for the first time since the separation Abdullah is the second news

The government accused Prince Hamza of being involved in a conspiracy to “destabilize” the prince’s security.

Jordan’s second king, Abdullah, and his half-brother, Prince Hamza bin al-Hussein, have made their first public appearance since the palace battle last week.

On Sunday, members of the Jordanian royal family celebrated the centenary of the founding of the emirate of Transjordan, the former British protected area of ​​the British Empire.

The second palace at the tomb of King Talal in the Jordanian capital, Amman, has published a picture with Abdullah II, Prince Hamza, Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah and other dignitaries.

Former Crown Prince Hamzah has been seen for the first time since he was placed under house arrest amid allegations of involvement in a case. Conspiracy to destabilize the state.

Last week, the king and prince sparked a public rift, with Abdullah II portraying it as an act of treason involving his honest brother and two senior officials. Hamzah has denied the allegations.

At least 18 others were arrested in connection with the plot.

Abdullah, however, said on Wednesday that Hamzah, who signed a letter pledging his allegiance to the king after Mama’s mediation, was safe in the palace under his “care”.

In a speech sent in his name on state television, Raja added that “sedition has shrunk.”

Abdullah and Hamza are the sons of the late King Al Hussein bin Talal, who ruled for almost half a century until his death in 1999.

Hamzah was appointed crown prince and heir to the throne in accordance with his father’s wishes, but Abdullah removed him from the title in 2004 and named his eldest son Hussein in place of Hamzah.

Hamzah claimed in a video message released by the BBC on 3 April that he had been placed under house arrest and that there were allegations of corruption and incompetence against Jordan’s rulers.

Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi then alleged that a group of conspirators had contacted foreign parties to destabilize Jordan, but refused to identify them.

After the mediation talks, Hamza gave his voice Loyalty to the king.

“Prince Hamza has vowed to follow in the footsteps of the Hamza family’s ancestors, remain loyal to their mission, and put Jordan’s interests, constitution and law above all considerations,” King said on Wednesday.

The investigation into the incidents is ongoing, King added.

This crisis caused fragmentation in a pro-Western country that is generally seen as a major part of the stability of the Middle East.

Jordan borders Israel and the occupied West Bank, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It hosts U.S. troops and is home to millions of exiled Palestinians and many Syrian refugees.

Amman prosecutor Hassan al-Abdallat at the king’s address banned the release of any information about the alleged plot to keep the security service’s investigation secret after an order was issued.

The UN human rights office said on Friday it was concerned about it Lack of transparency Surrounding the accused plot

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