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Elliott Fletcher as Sam, wearing a knitted beanie and worried about a scene from Y: The Last Man.

Elliott Fletcher as Sam, one of the characters Y: The Last Man.
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At first Of FX Y: The Last Man Series, it is clear that not so much was made Yorick Brown Particularly interesting is the time before the mammalian population of the entire planet Born with a Y chromosome– From Yorik and his pet monkey:Suddenly one diedKnown diseases.

In a plague-ridden world where the future of the human race is doomed, Yorik’s genetics makes him special, but Y: The Last Man Be careful in detail that Yerick is a man and that his masculinity is not unique to him. Other men like Sam (Elliott Fletcher), a friend andYorik’s sister, Hero (Olivia Thurlby), started the disaster and subsequently fundamentally ruined their lives. The collapse of society. But as a transgender man, something The problems Sam faces are different from Yorik. Y: The Last Man Both dig into those differences and bring out Sam’s innerness to bring a more complex, humane understanding of gender into his story that wasn’t like the original comic.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Fletcher and series maker Eliza Clark They talked about how they wanted to shape Sam, although the character brings an important aspect to the story, Sam Trans is just one aspect of his identity. Clark explained how, because there was no source material In order to remove Sam directly, the creative team felt sufficient freedom to form the character from the ground up and placed special emphasis on his creativity.

“He’s probably going to get his voice out as an artist and then this happens,” Clark said. “Suddenly, he’s just forced to struggle to survive, and he asks himself, ‘What art is there in this new world? If I’m not an artist, who am I if I’m not an artist?’ Everything is really interesting to me as a writer.”

Faced with real possibilities like this, there is no place in the world for artists like himHats off, a little more focused on survival than understandable, creative expression, Sam’s friendship with the hero has taken on a new dimension of intensity that is different from their relationship before the end of time. In a recent episode, Sam and Hero find themselves on a mattress and are forced to kiss each other – indicating the possibility of a potential romantic complication between the two. From Fletcher’s point of view, though, at that moment, Sam took that A horrible reminder of how horrible their situation is from that kiss, and how much he doesn’t want to lose H.ero as a friend

“She comes back and realizes where they are, what the situation is and when they’re drunk it’s not another one of their random makeout sessions,” Fletcher said. “This is a very serious moment and it means a lot more than before. For her, that kiss has a lot of weight, and at that moment she’s not sure she’s feeling the same.

Y: The Last Man FX airs Mondays On Hulu.

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