Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

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The last of the Adoramas sold well Apple TV 4K Last week, and now it’s Amazon’s turn. The online retailer currently has a 2021 set-top box at 160 160, which is just a record low. You get a sale price for a combination of discounts on the device, plus an automatically applied coupon that leaves an extra $ 9.01 at checkout.

Buy Apple TV 4K on Amazon – $ 160

The Apple TV 4K No doubt admitted, more expensive than other streaming devices but we now consider it the best splurge pick. This is the best option if you are in the Apple ecosystem. It runs on an A12 bionic chip and supports Dolby Vision and HDR video at 60fps, with features like AirPlay 3 and screen mirroring. Also, tvOS will support Spatial audio Towards the end of this year, which means if you use the right AirPod to use with Apple TV, you will be able to feel the full Dolby Atoms sound.

But the kicker of this model is the newly designed Siri remote. There was a kind of hassle to use the previous remote, but Apple fixed it this year. Its larger and easier to use thanks to its touch-sensitive directional pads that make scrolling and flipping through content much smoother. We also found Siri to be quite useful on Apple TV 4K, as the voice assistant is good at answering questions directly like “Play”. Ted Lasso“Or” Show me some scary movies. “

If you also have a compatible smart home device, Siri will come in handy. Inside the Apple TV 4K is a built-in homekit hub, so you can connect devices directly to it. Then, you can ask Siri to show things like video camera feeds directly to your TV. Overall, when the Apple TV 4K comes at a premium, there may be additional costs for Apple loyalists.

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