Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Meta — means company Familiar Like Facebook – can create a smartwatch that can take photos and videos. Bloomberg Apple Watch has released an image showing a smartwatch with rounded corners, it also has a notch with the front camera. App developer Steve Mozar found the image inside the company’s app that is used to control Ray-Ban story AR sunglasses, indicating that it could also be used to control the watch in the future.


In addition to having rounded corners and a camera, the smartwatch appears to have a stainless steel casing and detachable straps. Moser added that the code inside the app indicates that the watch could be called Milan and that it could allow you to download photos and videos captured on the phone.

According to Bloomberg, Meta hopes to launch a smartwatch in early 2022, but nothing has been finalized yet. Further, Facebook’s parent company is already working on three generations of products that are expected to be released at different times. It is not clear whether the device shown in the picture is one of them or whether it will be revealed at all. Edge Also Report Earlier this year, though, Facebook was working on a smartwatch with a front and a 1080p rear camera with autofocus. It may have a heart rate monitor and LTE connection, although those features can be distributed across three different models.

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