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James Cameron, in a white-button-down shirt and black jacket, sits in front of a red movie screen.

James Cameron at the Digital Filmmaker Forum during CinemaCon on March 30, 2011.
Pictures: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

When they say Most myths are somewhat factual, almost all are rhetorical, exaggerated, and have evolved over time. More than the original story. So it’s a kind of freshness to hear honesty how long lasting rumors Young Up and upcoming director James Cameron Sequel managed to land Ridley ScottOf 1979 sci-fi / horror movie Hit is not a rumor at all – it is a fact.

The story goes well: Cameron walks into a conference room with studio executives at 20th Century Fox. He went straight to the whiteboard and wrote the word “alien” on it and waited a bit. He then added an “s” to it to make it an “alien”. Another beat, and then he adds two vertical lines to “s”, converting it to “alien $”. Cameron has confirmed the matter CinemaBlend, Although he made it clear that his presentation involved more than just drawing on a whiteboard:

“I was sitting with three producers, and we were in the office of the then head of 20th Century Fox. And I said, ‘Friends, I got an idea for the title. And it goes like this. ‘ And I wrote, ‘Alien’ in big block letters. And I put an S at the end. I showed them. I said, ‘I want to call it that AlienBecause we’re not dealing with one. Now we’re dealing with an army, and that’s the big difference. And it’s very simple and very graphic. ‘ And I said, ‘But here’s what it’s going to translate.’ And then I drew two lines through it so that it makes a dollar sign. And that was my pitch. And apparently it worked! Because they took the title. They never questioned it. “

This is a common pitch, but sometimes simple methods work best and it certainly did here. There were only two movies under Cameron’s belt at the time –Terminator And Piranha II: The SpinningুতSo the sequel to the movie which is almost earned will be chosen for management $ 80 million (Which would be about $ 300 million today) is an incredible feat. Or should I say, “complete”?

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