Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Misuse of location technology Political tensions may arise. According to Per Wired, There are Skywatch and Global Fishing Watch Conducted The study found that more than 100 warships, including British aircraft carriers, have been duplicated since August 2020. Queen Elizabeth And US destroyers Roosevelt. In some cases, false information indicates that ships are entering disputed waters or near naval bases in other countries – a movement that could trigger international events.

The research team found the fake by comparing the use of an automatic identification system (AIS, a GPS-based system) with verifiable location data using an identification pattern. All false information came from the coast-based AIS receiver when the satellites showed the actual location, for example. Global Fishing Watch has been searching for fake AIS positions for years, but this is the first time it has seen false information for real ships.

Not sure who is copying and why. However, analysts say the information is characteristic of a common criminal who may be from Russia. Almost all the warships damaged were from European countries or NATO members, and the information included fake attacks in the vicinity of Kaliningrad, the Black Sea. Crimea And other Russian interests. Opponents have sent warships into the Russian sea, falsely claiming that Russia could portray Europe and NATO as invaders.

Russia historically denies hacking claims. It has many years of history of using fake accounts and misinformation Political tensions spread That’s his own end, though. And if Russia is attached, the locations of the fake warships could be a significant increase in that strategy. While such a method may not lead to shooting matches, it can be frustratingly close.

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