The Lord of the Rings series has a $ 465 million Amazon budget, explained

Sauron does not come cheap.

Sauron does not come cheap.
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Yes, budget for Amazon Lord of the Rings Series About half a billion dollars, but the woman behind it is happy to explain. In a new interview, Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salk does not deny Last month’s reports spent on the show Studio about 46 465 million; He blames both the main content among the streamers and the market for some misunderstanding as to why this number is so large.

“The market is crazy, as you saw [almost $500 million] Knife out “The transaction,” Salke said Hollywood Reporter A roundtable included Netflix’s Bella Bazaria, Disney’s Dana Walden and creative shoddy Rhymes and Ava Duvern.

“It simply came to our notice then Huge World Building Show. The number is a sexy headline or a crazy headline that is fun to click on but it builds the infrastructure for what the whole series will maintain. Starts. There are a lot of trends here and we have to decide where we want to stretch and where we want to draw the line. How many people need to see Lord of the Rings? Lots. [Laughs.] A huge, global audience needs to show it as appointment television and we’re sure it will happen pretty. “

Oh and notably, $ 465 million is not included Amazon has spent 250 250 million To get the right to vote. (For its value, too, 465 million Less than that Jeff Bezos’ expense has recently been ‘handed over’. All people.

What Salke says must mean. Audiences are spending a lot of money to bring in audiences to help sustain these investments. Also, that 46 5,665 million will include lots of sets, props, clothing and basic necessities for which you won’t have to pay the full price again. So maybe about 200 200 million or something next season.

Either way, it’s a big bet on a franchise that has obviously gotten a lot of name recognition, but it almost seems like it’s being over-evaluated a bit here. We will watch the show. You will see the show. But what will happen to your parents, grandparents, children, etc.? Only the Alvels of Rivendale know that, of course.

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