Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

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While the epidemic is not over yet, video chat is still a great way to work from home or watch from a distance with family and friends. Facebook portal An easy way to do this and you can now pick the empty 8-inch Portal Mini . 65 As part of her Mother’s Day sale. 50 percent lower than the list price, matching the best deal we’ve seen yet.

Buy Portal Mini on Target – $ 65

With an 8-inch display, Facebook’s Portal Mini works with Facebook’s own Messenger and WhatsApp, on top of all video chat devices, as well as video conferencing applications like Zoom, Go Toming and Webex. If you’re talking to family members, the smart camera can automatically pan and zoom in to frame everyone. It lets you work with Amazon’s Alexa as well as Facebook’s own voice assistant, allowing you to stream music or display Instagram and Facebook photos. The main drawback is the concern surrounding Facebook’s privacy, although the company notes that you can block the camera and microphone with a single switch.

If you need more features or screen size, Amazon is offering other portal devices with discounts ranging from 18 to 28 percent. Standard Portal (9 129) Offers a larger 10-inch display that could be better for larger groups and Portal + (9 229) Ants up with a 15.3-inch HD display. Finally, the portal TV (119) The largest screen in your home, connected to the TV lets you watch everyone in the family or a large group of coworkers.

Buy Portal on Amazon – 9129 Portal on Amazon + Buy – 9229 Buy Portal TV on Amazon – 9 119

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