The mayor of Reno is making big bets on the blockchain

Hillary Shiv, The The mayor of Reno, Nevada, crossed the street from City Hall and took my arm before Joywalk. He, on the other hand, clings to it as it passes the public plaza, and does not let go until it reaches the foot of our destination: a light steel and stained glass sculpture of a hampback whale stunning its calf. Its name Space whale. A team led by artist Matt Schultz created it for The Burning Man in 2016. The annual festival was held a few hours north of the city as a way to raise awareness about “our hypocrisy in protecting the oceans,” he told me later. After the festival, the city leased the sculpture for ৪ 4,000.

Coming closer, the whales are watching a little less. Most of the accessible pans have been torn apart, and the metal skeleton is losing its luster. Shiva, tightly bundled in a quota, his blonde hair whipping a pepper in the April wind, reaching for the glass mold and sigh. “I’m in The Whale Sewal campaign,” he says, adding that it was a controversial statement. The whale’s lease expired in August 2019. The artists tried to sell it in the city, which had little interest in the ট্যাগ 500,000 price tag, and later when the price dropped the city insisted the artists repair it. Schultz’s group then tried to sell it on the Facebook Marketplace for million 10 million. There is no recipient. All the while, no one was giving the TLC any TLC. In the camp office, the mention of “whale” comes out of the eye roll. A white whale ached on the banks of the Trucky River

This spring, however, Shivi (pronounced SHE-vee) has come up with a possible solution: A non-fungal token, Or NFT, recommended for sale at Blockchain Is called Tejos. The new owner will receive a .CAD file and a video from the artist but the original, body sculpture will be in Reno Plaza in that suburb. Proceeds will raise funds for the city to clean the whale and preserve it for public enjoyment. Shiva realized that this kind of semi-symbolic sale could look a little sweet. So he was thinking about giving facilities like tagging during his annual trip Burn man With co-elected officers. (They don’t stay overnight, Shivi added; he had no intention of threatening any future election campaign with drugs and organs.)

Reno Mayor Hillary Shiv

Photograph: Patrick T. Fallon / Bloomberg / Getty Images

The issuance of the NFT is such a fundamental issue at the moment that it is not even in favor of the government. All cities and states occasionally tried for link fraud in blockchain. In 2018, Cleveland Has declared itself a blocklandAlthough the label seems to have eroded. Wyoming has set itself up as a premiere Regulatory refuge for cryptocurrencies, A label that other states, including Nevada, now want to challenge. This is only acceptable to some interested businessmen and elected officials, especially with the cipherpunk ring is not quite what is happening in Renault. For Shiva, the NFT was the gateway to something else.

An early sign was released in January, when Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, a man in recent tears Technology-friendly ideas are being thrown away And what a stick I see, Tweeted About transforming his city into a “center of crypto innovation” centered on Bitcoin. Shiva was dissatisfied. “When will you become that Link Marine?” She Tizzed to the north, Cryptically to most readers. He was referring to a blockchain platform called ChainLink, perhaps the most well-known for the religious followers of the “Marines” who were shaken up for any mention of technology on social media. Their loyalty is the cryptocurrency of the #HODLing platform, which is expressed through the rank earned by the link. Apparently, the mayor of Reno was a member of this battalion in the “Link Pillar”, the community parliament. “It was really very sweet,” Schweib said of the meme attack, inspiring his tweet.

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