The Minnesota officer who shot the black man has resigned along with the police chief

A young farmer is shot dead in a Minneapolis suburb after a police officer resigns with the police chief as the city prepares. Unrest In response to the incident.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliott said in a press briefing Tuesday that Dow Wright, 20, who was shot during a traffic stop Sunday, was leaving the forces of officer Kim Potter, as was Tim Gannon, police chief. The City Council of the Brooklyn Center passed a resolution a day earlier calling for their resignation.

“I hope it helps bring some peace to the community,” Elliott told reporters. “Although in the end I think people want justice, they want full accountability under the law, and so we continue to work for it. We need to make sure that justice is done and that justice is done. ”

Gannon had previously stated that he intended to use a teaser on Potter Wright and instead mistakenly fired his gun. He described the incident as an “accidental discharge” of firearms.

Protests erupted between the two sides, with former police officer Derek Chauvin standing for trial on charges of murder a few miles away. George Floyd. Wright’s shooting further emphasized concerns about racial injustice in policing.

Videos and photos shared by journalists and activists on social media showed officers using tear gas and flash-bag grenades as protesters broke through a curfew at 7pm and took to the streets.

Local officials said 40 people were arrested in connection with Monday night’s protests, leaving several police officers slightly injured.

Residents of the Twin Cities area were already on the edge of the middle Chauvin’s murder trial For the death of Floyd, which has given rise to worldwide protests over race and policing. As the city tightened security during the trial, officials were locked in for more unrest when the verdict was announced, which could happen in the coming weeks.

Judge Peter Cahill denied a defense request to separate the jury after the shooting of Wright, saying the incident was completely different. Chauvin’s team began presenting his case to the jury after the prosecution adjourned his case on Tuesday.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, said in a statement that the Wright shooting focused on “how badly we need to rethink policing and public security in this country.”

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