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The annual barrage of Amazon’s new Echo hardware didn’t disappoint, ranging from role-playing games to nutrition tracking, drones and video call devices for kids. I think it’s new 15 inch echo show, A smart screen to mount on your wall was the most interesting expression.


Amazon has redesigned its home screen to make the most of its extra display space, and you can customize it by scrolling through the surrounding content such as headlines and weather updates. Aiming at the family, the Echo Show 15 also has a new Visual ID feature that can recognize your appearance and show you personal information, such as calendar appointments, reminders and notes.

Amazon and Google dominate the smart display space, and I may have the rare exception of not having a single Alexa-powered device in my home. So far, Amazon’s devices haven’t given me anything particularly interesting. I have a Google Smart Display, which is easily integrated with Google Calendar, Google Maps and the rest. It’s hard for me to create a lot of excitement for the Echo range.

Now, after saying this, let me completely oppose myself.

If you like your Alexa devices with wheels and indefinitely expandable, periscope camera Amazon’s Astro Robot Can excite you. (Or Concerned.) Amazon plans to sell its first robot in limited quantities later this year. It will eventually cost 1,450, but as part of its 1st edition program, the company will sell the robot at a starting price of 1,000.

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Starting at $ 169, depending on the shade.

The Morning After


The new, customizable version of IKEA and Sonos’ new Symphonic speaker lamp arrives on October 12. The furniture giant will sell new model lamp bases and shades separately, so you can mix and match parts to make sure the final product fits your home environment.

Ikea’s Stepan Begick said many people decided to make the base smaller after using a symphonic lamp in their nightstand. You will be able to choose between two types of shades: textile or glass, while the lamps come in black or white. The new model supports a wider bulb, thanks to a different E26 / E27 socket.

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Only invitational programs will help refine the technology.

Ring says its Always Home Cam, its first home security drone, will soon arrive in selected families. Users will only be able to sign up to join an invitational testing program to help refine the hardware before installing it. In the United States, at least, ring owners can sign up for what its makers call a “very ambitious device.”

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I suspect none of us were surprised.

This time last year, BitDance was trying to save its TickTock app in the United States and elsewhere after the Donald Trump administration threatened to ban it. One potential savior was Microsoft.

It was a noise. It all started when Trump threatened to force the Chinese company Bitdance to sell Tiktok to the US owner, citing privacy and security concerns. Microsoft stepped in as a potential buyer, although the company eventually struck a deal with Oracle and Walmart, which President Joe Biden’s administration canceled in February 2021.

Microsoft was in the middle of discussions with ByteDance when Trump told reporters he would ban the app rather than allow it to be sold to a US company. CEO Satya Nadela wrote that the “cautionary talks we had with ByteDance were misleading” to buy the tick business in the United States and three other countries.

After Oracle’s winning bid, ByteDance said Trump had “ghosted” the site, effectively shutting down the company after ordering the distribution of its U.S. Tiktok assets.

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This is very important for Amazon Game Studio.

Release dates have been missed after four delays over nearly a year and a half, The new world Finally here, Steam and available in Amazon’s own marketplace, starting at $ 40. MMORPG will be important for the future of Amazon Game Studio. After its universal failure Crucible, Which it is Finished Not too long after it launches, the company needs to prove that it can deliver exciting games – and keep them going. Hopefully, all those delays have been confirmed The new world Bring his best legs forward.

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