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WFH doesn’t just mean working from home. For those who have a drive, it also stands for workout from home. With many of us moving our training and exercise from the gym to that corner of the living room / spare room / bedroom, many companies have grown. Now, the pendulum is shaking again as some gyms have temporarily reopened and we return to the squat rack that didn’t fit perfectly in our small studio apartment. But that doesn’t stop fitness companies from introducing new combinations of gear with technological techniques, hopefully you’ll be willing to upgrade your gear.

NordicTrack’s adjustable dumbbells can connect to any Amazon Alexa-enabled third-party device to quickly adjust the weight from 5lbs to 50lbs (5lb increments) with just your voice. The voice assistant, sadly, will not persuade you for some extra representation.

There is a subscription training service to go with the $ 429 dumbbells – now available – but fortunately it is not required.

– Matt Smith

Another spoiler minefield.


One of the most anticipated games on the PS5 But just a month before the action RPG arrived It looks like an unfinished version of the game has been leaked This is another problem for Sony. Months ago Our last part II Released, a large part of the game, including Katsin, the main story spoiler, has been leaked online.

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NASA had earlier confirmed the presence of matter from a distance.


China Daily CDIC / Reuters

China’s Chang’e-5 lunar lander has found water on the surface of the moon, the first time scientists have found evidence at a material site on Earth’s satellite. Chinese researchers claim that the lander detected signs of a water molecule or hydroxyl, which is a close chemical cousin of H2O.

Chinese scientists believe that most of the molecules came to the moon through a process called solar wind implantation. Particles charged from the sun carry hydrogen atoms to the surface of the moon where they later form water and hydroxyl with oxygen. The study is based on results published by NASA in 2018 when it found evidence of water on the moon’s sunlight surface using an airborne infrared telescope.

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To catch a Snorlax.

LAPD fires two police officers for ignoring robbery on April 15, 2017, decides instead of playing Pokemon Go. Instead of responding to a radio call demanding a backup for Massie’s theft at Cranes Mall, officers reportedly spent the next 20 minutes driving to catch a Snorlax.

Lozano and Mitchell have denied the game Pokemon Go And insisted they were just “talking” about the game, but the car’s camera revealed that they had discussed the robbery call and chose to ignore it. Another officer called and saw the cruiser leave the area.

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It will launch on January 31st.

The Associated Press (AP) will begin selling its “Award-winning contemporary and historical photojournalism” as a non-flammable token from January 31st. The news agency has teamed up with blockchain technology provider Xooa to create a marketplace for its NFT, which will debut with an initial collection released after the opening.

The AP’s initial collection includes digitally developed Pulitzer Prize-winning images in categories such as space, climate and war. Each will include the actual metadata of the image showing its location, time and date, and the tools and settings used for the photographer’s shot.

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