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Welcome to your Monday morning! CES is a wrap. When we personally planned to send a small team of Engadget workers to Las Vegas to cover the event, Omicron appeared on the horizon, and our plans changed.


We also decided, in that situation, to do our own thing Annual CES Award. From mobile, TVs and wearables to sustainable innovation, our favorite topics range from well-known departments like wildcard and transport technology. Did we miss anything?

– Matt Smith

Don’t just expect a radical redesign.

BloombergIts Mark Gurman claims that Apple is expected to launch a third-generation iPhone SE with a virtual presentation this spring, “probably” in March or April. As we’ve already heard rumors, Gurman says the new SE will still stick to the iPhone 8-era design but will add 5G and a new processor, which will bring it closer to parity with existing iPhones. We last saw the iPhone SE in 2020, running on the A13 Bionic.

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This is not the first time that a Y2K-style bug has sent Honda and Acura cars in the past.

Since the beginning of the year, Honda forums have been flooded in 2002 with allegations of sticking of their car watches and calendars. This is affecting Honda and Acura models, including GPS navigation systems built between 2004 and 2012, with reports of people encountering problems in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. What’s more, it doesn’t seem like a fix right now. Every time someone starts their car, the clock hand resets – even if they have set it manually beforehand.

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Faster processor, updated button layout and longer power cable.



IKEA and Sonos have released a second generation version of their Symfonisk bookshelf speaker. There’s no Earth-shuttering change, but the update has a faster processor and more memory, and it draws less power while on standby. It comes with a long power cable.

However, looking at the new model next to its first-generation counterpart, the most visible change is an updated button layout that brings volume controls side by side. Prices look exactly the same as in the Netherlands, but we’re still waiting to see if the update comes in the US.

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It is said to be supported by the US dollar.

VP of PayPal’s crypto and digital currency confirmed Bloomberg That online payment provider is “looking for a stablecoin.” Jose Fernandez added to The Ponte that the company would work closely with relevant regulators as the project progressed.

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The company is sometimes using a strategy reserved for supercars.



Ford is offering dealers the option to ban customers from reselling Lightning for up to a year after purchase. The F-150 Gen 14 has released documents to the forum (since then), the dealer may ask for “unrestricted relief” to block the transfer of ownership or even demand payment for “all costs” arising from the sale.

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