Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Facebook Although the social network is still Facebook, the excessive company that created it is now called Meta. Facebook Inc. It is changing its name to separate countless parts of it from social networks, which have a growing weak reputation almost everywhere. Especially in the last few weeks.

While the company hopes it will divert some of the current feeling (and political focus), it’s not going to stop people talking about the Facebook meta.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the new name during his keynote address for the company’s Connect event. He said: “From now on, we’re going to be Metavers-first, not Facebook first.”

The change looks similar to the way Google, the search and technical part, was bundled inside the alphabet – a big company to hold all the other parts.

Time is, perhaps, even weird. Facebook papers – details of major failures and problems of social networks, internal documents – including misinformation, hate speech and censorship, are now public knowledge. Is it a confusion or is Facebook deliberately forcing its own transformation at a time when most of us are more interested in how it is going to fix its current state.

If I don’t want to use Facebook – then why would I want to use it in VR and Metaverse?

– Matt Smith

The Facebook portal will also be known as the meta portal.

Following the announcement above, incoming CTO Andrew “Bose” Bosworth revealed in a Facebook post that the Meta Oculus brand is retiring. In early 2022, Oculus Quest will be known as Meta Quest instead. Similarly, the Oculus app will be called the Meta Quest app. According to Bosworth, the purpose is to make it clear to consumers that the quest is a meta product. “We all have a strong connection to the Oculus brand and it was a very difficult decision to make,” Bosworth said. The name is trickling down other physical products. Facebook portal will also become a meta portal.

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The $ 195 chassis is already sold out.

Adolescent Engineering

Teenage Engineering is best known for its synth, but prefers to explore other ways, starting with designing. Wireless buds Games console and even an IKEA collaboration. It has announced an ITX PC case called Computer-1. The company says it has been working on the design since 2014 “It’s not a ground-breaking PC case, but we like it and use it every day,” TE said on its website. Oops, it’s currently sold out, but once it’s available you can sign up to receive a notification – which I just did.

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Although the iPhone remains a money-maker.

The company reported its results for the quarter ended Sept. 30, and Apple earned 29 percent more than a year earlier – $ 83.4 billion to keep track. Although iPhone sales accounted for about 47 percent of Apple’s total revenue. Although Mac’s revenue grew by only two percent, it was enough for Apple to say that it was the highest ever for Mac.

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The rise of third-party games has helped offset the decline in first-party sales.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 sales are relatively stable and strong despite a massive supply shortfall, with 3.3 million units sold compared to the Financial Q2 . That brought the total sales to 13.4 million units, Sony said . Game sales were up 76.4 million units from 63.6 million in the previous quarter. The company has already said that it has enough material to sell 22.6 million units by March 2022. This will be enough to meet its sales estimates, but if sales on the holiday really explode, it could mean the deficit could continue.

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The company is reportedly working on a three-generation smartwatch.

After the morning


Bloomberg Posted an image showing a Facebook / Meta smartwatch in a rounded corner It has a groove with front camera. App developer Steve Moser has found an image inside the company’s app that is used to control his Ray-Ban Store AR sunglasses, indicating that it could also be used to control watches in the future.

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