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Happy New Year! We are ending 2021 with something Big winner Over the last twelve months, Apple’s shift in NFTs (ugh), metavers (double ugh), device repair, or the boom in home workout technology.

We also mentioned Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3, which makes it the most attractive case for foldable by far. Samsung has Have noticed the same. It says it has inspired more people to switch than Flip 3’s flagships, resulting in four times more foldable devices sold in 2021 than in 2020. The reason for buying your first folding smartphone is getting stronger every year

– Matt Smith

Data, phone calls and texting will no longer work.

BlackBerry has announced that from January 4, BlackBerry OS 7.1 or earlier devices, as well as OS 10, will lose core services. And by key, we mean it. This would include losing phone calls, texting, data and even emergency 911 access. You can also expect problems with apps like WiFi and BlackBerry World and Desktop Manager.

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I want to see the face of robotics

Yukai Engineering

Manufacturer of Yukai Engineering , Reveals a soft robot that nibbles at the fingertips of a user. There is an algorithm called “hamgorithm” which selects one of two dozen nibbling patterns, designed to mimic the feeling of nibbling at the fingertips of a child or pet. Pricing has not been set, but there are plans to run a crowdfunding campaign in the spring.

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A malicious attacker can access the personal data of 250,000 users.

According to a report by security agency VPN Overview, a major breach at one of Seger’s servers appears to have been stopped. The incorrectly configured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket contains sensitive information that allows researchers to arbitrarily upload files across a large portion of Sega-owned domains, as well as certificates to abuse the 250,000-user email list.

Affected domains included the official landing pages of major franchises, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Bayonetta and Total War, as well as the site itself.

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A few apps that we think every iPhone or Android user should try.

Have you just picked up a new phone? Are you stuck with iOS and Android or have you turned into a competitor? Do you need some new productivity app or time killer? We’ve got you covered.

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The company sold four times as many foldable devices in 2021.

Samsung says it shipped four times more foldable in 2021 than in 2020. In addition, it took just over a month for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 to surpass the total accumulated sales of their predecessors. . The company added that it has seen a “massive increase” in customers who jump to brands specifically for its foldable phones – in fact, more people have switched to Samsung for the Flip 3 than its flagship Galaxy S devices.

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You can’t lose that value.

It’s easy to find free game promotions, but Epic goes one step further by offering a complete game trilogy at no charge. The Epic Games Store is now offering three free Tomb Rider reboot titles (Tomb Rider, Rise of the Tomb Rider and Shadow of the Tomb Rider) free of charge by 11am on January 6th.

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