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The robot is being left to write Investment report For Morningstar, the research house that helps investors choose thousands of mutual and exchange trade funds to save and retire.

At a time when the finance industry is debating Workload Among its staff in the midst of operations and disruptive epidemics, Morningstar has found a way to enhance its own written research without further imposing tariffs on its analysts.

The reasoning behind Morningstar’s so-called analyst ratings in a fund that machine-generated reports began to take effect this week is that it moves in a neutral or negative direction through gold, silver and bronze. Similar ratings of Wall Street buy or sell recommendations differ from Morningstar’s more famous star rating system, which only measures the fund’s past performance.

Robots have already been used to rate thousands of small fund analysts. Morningstar said this week that robot ratings performed recommendations generated by human analysts based on three years of data.

Morningstar’s managing director of research and quantitative research, Lee Davidson, said the agency’s 130 worldwide analysts would focus on the most popular funds. They currently provide written reports of 4,284 funds worldwide, representing $ 20.5tn of assets under management.

Human or Robot: Can You Spot the Difference?


Below is a selection of quotes from human and computer-generated Morningstar research reports, but which one?

1 – “One of the three managers has departed, but Pimco Total Returns still provides the manager’s juggernaut and battle-tested process.”

2 – “Jenas Henderson’s Balanced Day Management Turnover undermines his confidence in performing his process, guaranteeing his Morningstar Analyst rating to be neutral from Bronze in all divisions.”

3 – “Templeton Growth has new lead manager but more robust options for global equity exposure remain”

4 – “Large Cap Management Team Building Confidence in Strategic Advisors is the primary driver for upgrading this share class rating from bronze to silver to Morningstar’s quantitative rating.”

5 – “The new perspective of polarized electric car maker Tesla American Fund rose to 3.3 percent in August from 3.6565 percent in June, up 2.5 percentage points from its next largest holding.”

6 – “T Roy Price US Equity Research’s significant investment process and strong portfolio-management team provide this stock class’ Morningstar Gold Quantitative Rating.”

“You need a base boot to interview a fund manager and talk to the team about their investment process,” Davidson said. “This type of color is not captured by quantitative processing.”

The computer-generated ratings apply to a further 37,962 funds identified as t 14tn assets under management and these funds will now begin to receive written reports written by robots.

“Providing a written report helps explain the rationale of the fund’s ratings, its risks in the future, and its rewards,” Davidson said.

Morningstar has been working on the machine writing process for the past 18 months, and Davidson said “we need to improve them”, including advice from asset managers and investors. Machine-written analysis will be updated automatically every month.

The ratings obtained by both the human analyst and the machine tell investors whether a fund can outperform or lag behind an index rather than a market cycle.

The algorithmic ratings that Morningstar has been generating since June 2017 are to imitate the firm’s human analysts considering the same factors as fund fees, operating turnover, track record and portfolio risk.

Humans or robots? The answers

Morningstar’s human analysts wrote quotes 1, 2, 3 and 5, and 4 and 6 produced computers.

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