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A suspected ransomware attack in New Mexico has disrupted the services of an entire county, including a local jail – which has horribly lost access to its camera feed, convenience database and automatic doors.

Bernalillo County, which includes the state’s most populous city and its largest city, Albuquerque, was in turmoil last week when a cyber attack disrupted services across the government. The attack was carried out on January 5 Off County offices, threat databases, and Has caused big problems For processing everything from local property transactions to marriage licenses, all of which depend on the county network.

“Most county buildings are closed to the public,” officials said In a statement Immediately after the attack. “However, the county staff is working remotely and will assist the public as much as possible considering the situation. Vendors for the county system have been notified and are working to resolve the issue and restore system functionality. ”

Most dramatically, the county’s Metropolitan Detention Center Lost access to some of its key security features, including its camera feed and its automatic gel door. Due to apparent security, this forced the county to lock down the entire prison, forcing all inmates into their cells for the foreseeable future.

Edge Reports that the lockdown triggered a minor legal breach, as it put the county in a potential breach of the terms of a 1995 lawsuit regarding prison conditions. The arrangement mandates that detainees be given certain privileges – such as fixed hours outside the cell and access to communication devices such as phones. Those are some of the privileges In the current situation and as can not be compromised As a result, the county was forced to file an emergency notice in federal court last week, Asking the court to consider his outstanding “emergency” situation.

For top notch, the attack disabled এবং and could be malicious গুরুত্বপূর্ণ important prison databases, including incident tracking databases, which list all violent incidents at the facility, including sexual harassment and fight claims.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Better federal protection Against them, one way or another.

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