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A “penguincam” video offers an unprecedented first-person view of a gentoo penguin as it feeds on sardines and other fish off the coast of Argentina.

The incredible footage was taken on Isla Martillo’s Beagle Channel. It is located in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, where the Wildlife Conservation Society Argentina program, Has been protecting penguins for the past two decades. WCS, along with its partners, uses this special “penguincam” to better understand the feeding environment for gentoo penguins (Pygoselis papua)

The result is quite remarkable, as it shows a male gentu penguin hunting sardines and other fish in a single grazing session. In a desperate attempt to avoid predators, sardines are seen clinging together in tight groups.

A scene of penguins charging with sardines while feeding.

A scene of penguins charging with sardines while feeding.
Pictures: WCS

Penguins are not the only species hunting, as diving cormorants and albatrosses are also seen entering the field. Andrea Raya Rey, CADIC-CONICET’s WCS Argentina associate researcher, said she and her colleagues were “fascinated to see the Beagle Channel seabird community eating this amazing shoal of sardines,” as she explained in a WCS Press release. The group had previously argued that Beagle Channel seabirds relied on sardines, “but this is the real evidence, and now it has been confirmed and with a star behind the camera: the penguin,” Raya Ray added.

The penguin has been seen to do quite well during its hunting voyage, gnawing sardines with impressive skill. The camera doesn’t seem to interfere with his feeding ability. Gentoo penguins like to hunt near the ocean floor, but new footage shows they won’t hesitate to snatch some batfish along the way.

Penguins, as the video shows, are incredibly skilled swimmers, they show great speed and agility in the water. These semi-aquatic animals are clearly made for the sea, but as birds they still need to lay eggs in the ground. So they need to retain a modest amount of terrestrial power এমনকি even if it looks awkward like hell while on their land.

Gentu penguin on the ground, with a male tied to a penguin cam on his back.

Gentu penguin on the ground, with a male tied to a penguin cam on his back.
Pictures: Sabrina Harris / WCS

Like before Research Apparently, gentoo penguins make strange humming noises while grazing, which they probably do to keep their prey packs together and improve their chances of catching prey.

The CONICET-CADIC team installed the camera behind the penguins, hoping to compare the yellow-eyed penguin with the feeding environment of Argentine gentu penguins (antipodal megadyptes) Of New Zealand. The collaborative project involves the Antarctic Research Trust and the Tawaki project Donation Penguincam

The researchers removed the camera from the penguin’s back after just one foraging session and then closely monitored the bird to make sure it was OK. According to the WCS release, the bird is responsible for the upbringing of its young and its parents.

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