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You heard about the new Squid game Cryptocurrency? It has grown by more than 2,000% in the last two days, persuading news outlets like ৷ BBC And Business Insider Write about tokens. But unfortunately, it’s a complete scandal.

It is very common for cryptocurrency scam artists to use brands from TV and movies, such as crypto scams. Order, Launched earlier this year and was named after Disney Mandalay Streaming show. Netflix’s Squid game The most popular streaming show in the world at the moment, so it means that scammers will use the name without permission.

We know how Squid game Coin a scam? You can put real money in cryptocurrency, but there is no evidence that you can figure it out. This is simply known as theft.

Website for new Squid game Crypto looks broad enough, with sections on very official-sounding topics like a white paper and an audit. But anyone who has seen cryptocurrency Patty-drawn Like before Order Coin, must recognize style. Website, available in domain, Less than a month ago, was registered on October 12 ৷

Squid game cryptocurrency website, a transparent scam trying to steal money from users

Squid game cryptocurrency website, a transparent scam trying to steal money from users

The so-called white paper, which critically refers to the BBC and Business Insider, has poor grammar, bizarre spelling errors and claims that are impossible to verify. The grammar of the second sentence in this “white paper” is that you have to read (emphasize us) to know that something is happening:

The Squid Game Project is a crypto play to earn a platform inspired by the Korean hit series on Netflix about a deadly tournament of children’s games. The dystopian world is no longer where a mysterious organization gathers people who are heavily in debt and “living on the edge”.

“There’s no more dystopian world here,” indeed.

That includes other red flags Telegram channel Set by those behind this scandal is not open to comments from outsiders. And even Twitter account Makes it impossible for regular people to reply to posts. It is not clear who is behind the new Squid game Currency, but you can hear the voice of someone promoting crypto with a free gift called “Airdrop” in a video posted on YouTube October 20. The Email address listed Squid game The website did not respond to a request for comment from Gizmodo.

But the single biggest red flag is that people can keep money, but can’t get it out. You can’t buy Squid game On mainstream crypto platforms like Coinbase and Binance. Instead, you need to buy crypto through a service called Pancake Swap, which does not guarantee any transactions occurring on the platform. There are coin market caps Has issued a warning People who have purchased the currency, known as SQUID, are unable to cash out.

Website for Squid game Crypto even included a fake endorsement of billionaire Elon Musk, who did not approve of cryptocurrency tokens, but instead talked about the Netflix show. Cryptocurrency scammers often target Elon Musk fans on Twitter, who seem to be the simplest sign on the planet.

The website claims to have a Squid game “Game” which is “coming soon.” Again, the BBC broadcasts this unproven claim without hint of suspicion. An expert is quoted until you reach the end of the BBC article, but it is risky to warn crypto in general.

Yes, all cryptocurrencies are incredibly risky, and arguably a scam in the broadest sense. But some people are making real money by trading crypto as a highly speculative asset. These same retail investors won’t make any money buying this new squid game cryptocurrency, no matter how soon you enter, because you can never make money if you don’t get permission to bring it out and convert it to fiat.

Filled with “schedule” and red flags for crypto rollout, where “recruitment for Asia and Europe markets” will be claimed. What does that mean? You guessed it as well as us, but it’s almost certainly nonsense.

Image of article titled New Squid Game Cryptocurrency Launches as Obsessive Scam


The makers of this coin are advertising the inability to sell as all parts Squid game “Game,” and in some ways it’s absolutely right. This new cryptocurrency is really like Neflix Squid game In the sense that the competitors have some invisible people who are controlling the game. And everyone else is fidgeting.

Ironically, the only “real” thing about this new squid game cryptocurrency is the existence of its NFT. Non-fungible tokens are slightly more than a receipt link for something online, and anyone behind this currency has set up an account in OpenSea, which allows people to sell NFT. But obviously selling NFT of jpegs is naturally a scam, no matter what its promoters tell you.

According to the coin market cap, SQUID is currently trading at $ 4.46, higher than other meme-coins such as dogecoin which are trading at $ 0.29. But this does not mean that SQUID is actually worth anything. This simply means that many people will lose a lot of money when the manufacturers end up with all the cash.

Generally, Gizmodo wouldn’t want to give oxygen to crypto scammers who just want to cash in some simple money through visibility, but obviously it’s different. When BBC, Yahoo News, Business Insider, And Many more Everyone is writing about it, scammers know they have succeeded in getting the attention they were after. But don’t buy this coin, no matter what you do. We will be shocked if the website is launched by Christmas.

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