The new ‘Story of Seasons’ for Lockdown Life is ‘Animal Crossing’

When it came Last March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Was Ideal game For an epidemic weather: it provided a new level of digital connectivity when people feel incredibly distant from each other. Every day something new happened in the story Animal crossing (I’m still sorry Elijah Wood never came to my island). Slack and Discord communities thrive for people to trade recipes, barter furniture and other household items, and to find the highest tariffs each week. One of my friends was even holding on Virtual book event In the game.

A year later, a lot of people are still jumping Covid-19. In most cases, everyone exists in a state of social distance. But even as it looks in March 2021, things are very different. The world seems a little less in control, many of my weak loved ones have been vaccinated, and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I still find its style Animal crossing Relaxed, but I need some more complexity from my gameplay now. So obsession with me Asons Tur Story: The Pioneer of Olive Town.

If you haven’t played .You story Game (or Stardew Valley, Because that game is based on old installments .You story), It’s kind of like Animal crossingBut with more depth. Likes AC, The pioneer of Olive Town You make it but it’s not like that game, there’s so much more to do. Once you complete its original story Animal crossing, You can improve your island and talk to your villagers, but there is nothing more to go on than that. It is up to you to create your own story; This is not meant to actually be played on benches, but rather small doses are used throughout multiple days, weeks and months.

Asons Tur Story: The Pioneer of Olive TownOn the other hand, the main character begins with your grandfather’s old, overgrown farm inheritance formula. It is your job to keep it up and running – including planting crops, repairing granaries (cows! Alpacas! Chickens!) And fixing old bridges for access to new parts of the farm. But wait, there’s more – your farm is adjacent to the larger city. You can not only go shopping, drink in cafes, buy new clothes and get a haircut, you can make friends and even get married.

I can’t say too much about the amount of things in this game – and that’s why it’s appropriate now. If Animal Crossing: New Horizons The epidemic of 2020 and the shutdown of life are defined, then Asons Tur Story: The Pioneer of Olive Town We see the game of re-opening-2021 as g

A year ago, The pioneer of Olive Town Will feel irresistible. It wouldn’t work for me because I needed something to settle my nerves and the possibilities seemed Too Endless now, it’s the perfect amount of engagement. I’m still worried (it’s my secret, I am) Always Anxious). I’m not saying all Good But it is slowly getting better. I have the strength and ability to be a little more engaged in gaming and to handle more complexity.

Also, Asons Tur Story: The Pioneer of Olive Town It can be as little or as little as you want. Animal crossing The emphasis is on enjoying the creative, and it’s incredible (and essential glad I’m just happy with it) but not everyone’s brain finds long-term satisfaction and comfort in it. At some point, I needed more than the way the game was able to offer. The pioneer of Olive Town That provides.

I should add that, sometimes, Animal crossing It felt like a busy job – the obligation to check every day, to show up to buy turnips and then sell them (why was my price always so terrible?), Hold those nook miles. I express annoyance at the feeling involved in the game by the action. The pioneer of Olive Town Compulsory play – I’ve lost a lot of good time for it – but game time isn’t tied to real life. I can pick it up and leave it in my spare time, and whether I’ve spent a day, a week, or a month away, no one is giving me a guilt trip to leave (and my old farm hasn’t been cut by cockroaches).

Needless to say .You story Better yet Animal crossingIt’s a completely different experience and it’s up to you to figure out which one works best if you haven’t finished the job Animal crossing And deeply missing that satisfaction you feel when you play it, if you need some more success in your entertainment, Asons Tur Story: The Pioneer of Olive Town Could simply be your 2121’s favorite game.

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