Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Bowers & Wilkins has launched a new version of its iconic Zeppelin speaker, And the company says it was re-imagined for the streaming age. Describes the audio device manufacturer New Zeppelin With Amazon’s built-in support for Alexa Voice Assistant as “smarter and more flexible” than its predecessors, so users can ask to play whatever they like without having to use its physical buttons. Also, B&W plans to give it multi-room capabilities in early 2022 through a software update. Once it arrives, users will be able to link multiple Zeppelins together or link one Zeppelin with other B&W speakers in a multi-room environment.

For now, the new model supports AirPlay 2 and AppTax Adaptive Bluetooth to give iOS and Android users an easy way to stream audio from their devices. As with previous versions, it features Spotify Connect and can be controlled using the Bowers and Wilkins app, which gives it access to more streaming services like Deser, SoundCloud and Tidal.

The new Zeppelin comes with two decoupled double-domed Twitter mounts at the far end for “wide, wide and highly accurate sound”. Plus, it has a new 150mm subwoofer for a deeper, more detailed alloy. The 2021 model will start today from retailers from Midnight Gray or Pearl Gray or Company website. Potential buyers are probably already hoping the high-end speakers won’t be cheap: it will return them 7 799, which is 100 100 more than the debut price of the previous version.

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