Sat. May 28th, 2022

Image for the article titled Tahiti's Newly Discovered Coral Reef is an absolute masterpiece

Pictures: Alexis Rosenfeld / UNESCO

A “Artwork”Discovered in the South Pacific Ocean. But a canvas, it’s under the sea. It is a vast coral reef that looks like a beautiful, rose garden from another world. Bonus: The riff is amazingly healthy.

Scientists first discovered the reef in November and released photos and videos of their exploring the reef this week. Reef, researchers say, is one of the largest and healthiest leftovers on the planet. They called it “unrivaled” while many others were suffering and dying because of the wall. Rising sea temperatures And Acidification.

“For once, this is a positive story about the coral reef in the news, which is very rare these days,” said Julian Barbier, UNESCO’s head of maritime policy. Told CNN.

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