The next crossover character from Fornright is from ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

Epic games on the same day Announcing a 200 200 million investment Sony, from the publisher Published This brings up another PlayStation character Fortnet This week. From Aloe Horizon Zero Dawn Will come down to the island on April 15th.

An aloe vera and others HZDThemed items (such as an emote, pickaxe, glider and back bling) will debut at the item shop that day. A bundle of goodies includes an alo loading screen and if you wear the outfit while playing Fortnet On the PlayStation 5, you’ll find an ice hunter variant of that skin.

A Duos Tournament Alay’s favorite weapon centered around the bow takes place on PS4 and PS5 on April 14. You’ll get more points for killing enemies with the bow. The best performing teams in each region will receive it HZD Bundle as a reward.

Aloe is joining Fortnet As part of its Gaming Legends series. Characters from other classic gaming franchises (Sony’s God of War), (Street Fighter) and (Hello) The last few months have reached all the battle royals.

Another gaming icon, Lara Croft came recently Fortnet As well The start of the first season. On the occasion of the arrival of the alloy, Fortnet Adding two adventurers in limited time mode. Players will automatically wear one of Team Up’s two character costumes! Aloe and Lara Duos, which you can play between 16 April 9am ET and 18 April at the same time. Aloe will only have one bow and Lara will have to make her dual pistols, but the weapons will be upgradeable.

Aloe is hitting Fortnet Just as Sony is preparing . Starting April 19th, owners of the PS4 and PS5 can claim it for free through the Play Home program. Great one indie games Through this initiative until 22 April

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