Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Blue Origin is still interested Occupy the title with the spacecraft passengers It even pushes some boundaries. Jeff Bezos has costumes Published That New Shepherd mission on December 9th will carry a full six passengers into space, including Laura Shepard Churchley – the daughter of Alan Shepard. Also with TV coverage you can expect a swell Good morning America Co-anchor Michael Strahan is also coming with the ride.

Other passengers include Voyager Space chief Dylan Taylor, engineer and investor Evan Dick, venture capitalist Lane Base and his son Cameron Base (who will be The first twitch streamer To go into space). The launch is currently scheduled for 9am before 10am, the Blue Origin livestream will start 90 minutes earlier.

This 19th New Shepard flight could be considered a consolation prize following the Blue Origins Failed case Debate over NASA SpaceX lunar lander deal It should show that New Shepard can handle its full complement without hindrance, and take the company one step closer to fulfilling its ambitions which include New Glenn And a Planned space station.

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