Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

A quarrel IPad Pro with wireless charging Growing louder 9 to 5 Mac Formula Claim Apple is moving forward with an update to its Pro tablet that will include MagSafe wireless charging, but not necessarily what you would expect. Instead of using the previously reported all-glass back (like most recent iPhones), the new iPad Pro can instead be charged with an enlarged glass Apple logo built on a metal back. It will charge faster than an iPhone (expected due to the added power draw of the iPad) and will carry a strong magnet to hold the charger in place.

The refreshed iPad Pro will include some more universal improvements, including a larger battery and a iPhone 13-Style camera array. There will also be a “brand new chip” 9 to 5 A new MacBook Air is also expected to be the expected M2. Earlier rumors suggested that the M2 would have eight cores like the M1, but they would run faster and tout more graphics cores.

There was no specified timeline for the iPad Pro update. One when the talk has been broadcast Spring eventThere is no guarantee that Apple will launch a new iPad within that time Don’t be surprised if you have a new pro though. The M1-based iPad Pro had the same opportunity for Apple as a functional upgrade to flex its silicon capabilities – an M2 sequel would continue that momentum and help MagSafe support ProK into Apple’s wider ecosystem.

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