Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

The earth was 2021 was supposed to be a breath of fresh air — at least when it came to extremist, extremist thinking. Donald Trump was out of office. QAnon, that cult-like movement operates under the belief that a secret pedophile cable runs the earth, losing steam. Vaccines are about to end the epidemic. But far from seeing the end of culturalism and extremist movements, 2022 will begin their growth এবং and QAnon It would prove to be the first childish move, rather than the ultimate consequence of the growing appeal of extreme marginal organization and communal politics.

Growing radical franchise belief will be fueled by a growing distrust of authority and efficiency. This skepticism is not new – we’ve been dominated by “fake news” headlines for years. Next year, though, a strong ingredient will be added to the mix: tedious, surrounded by constant uncertainty. Covid worldwide.

Historically, sadhana has evolved during the flow, when behavioral rules change and stability is elusive. If anything, 2021 is characterized by the feeling of constant displacement caused by a fancy disease. We’ve all experienced endless changes in the official narrative and communication techniques about Covid-19. We have seen the death toll continue to rise and social institutions have collapsed under pressure. The epidemic will re-emerge in 2022, despite our hopes that it will be a thing of the past. Even the most extremist-minded people will struggle to keep their balance.

Added to this is instability Feelings of isolation We have all experienced this in 2021, and extremism eats up such exclusion and loneliness. In the first days of this year, we’ve already seen people deny social contact because of the lockdown, and some have gone back to the most unlikely of alliances, looking for groups that would legitimize and channel their anger and frustration.

It will continue like this. It is difficult for the human mind to deal with uncertainty at the best of times. We want certainty and solid numbers – knowledge and statistical alertness are not developed. And it’s far from the best of times. “They’re lying to us!” Conspiracy theorists cry war. In 2022, it will increase in size and cause an explosion of extremist activity.

Already, we are seeing the early roots of what 2022 will look like ঠে in unison and with increasingly radical voices. Anti-vaccine community, In anti-masked protests we see around the world, and in labeling governments as “fascist” in Australia to keep their citizens under continued lockdown. These are the seeds of extremism that will be sticky, long lasting and difficult to uproot রাখা tied up, as it has become, with the original personal identity.

Cult-like extremist movements seem to provide antidote to a strong mix of isolation, uncertainty, altered narrative, and fear that we have experienced during the epidemic by providing a diagonal form of security, stability, and certainty, as well as a group of people like us who believe in us and Believes in us. Activist David Sullivan – a man who sacrificed his life for the infiltrating community to bring loved ones out of their clutches – noted that no one ever joins a religion: they join a community that sees them. In 2022, this appeal of religion will only grow, and the ones that will be raised next year will make QAnon feel like a good old days.

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