The NFT bubble may burst, but streamers and sports orgasm are still being launched.

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As of last month, the age of NFTs was officially upon us. As of this month, it may be out. Average prices fell 70% compared to the peak in February According to Bloomberg. This, however, stops streaming big names and does not record statistics announcing their own NFT collections.

This week, two video game lifestyle organizations, sports agency 100 Thoris and streaming superstar Turner “Tifu” Tenny announced the NFT collection. NFT, short if you need a refresher, short for “non-fungus token”. Thanks to blockchain technology, these cryptographic tokens are technically one of a kind, bringing with it “proof of work” that says so much more. There are many Sold a few million dollars. However, many people are selling NFT of prefixing images and videos – things you can only download for free for JPG or GIF forms, nding ndan Doubtful values ​​for the whole enterprise.

NFT of 100 thieves took the form “Unique pieces of artwork” that focus on the organization’s logoIt also has prominent features in the clothing line. Most of Ether, a popular cryptocurrency in the Etherium blockchain, has gone between $ 4,500 and off, 6,200. Several 100 thieves have already auctioned off the NFT. The rest is happening Dedicated Next 24 hours to community members of the organization.

Tenny’s NFT set, “NFTFU King of the Gaming Collection,” Went for sale yesterday evening. The animated art is a bit more effort than the 100 Thieves proposal – based on which a digital tennis character is portrayed in the settings. Fortnet, Call of Duty, And Minecraft. The clips are beautiful and cute using their looping format for fun. In the meantime, people have bid as much as 2,100 on ether on them, although most copies are currently sitting at around 400 400. Being able to say what I did I just downloaded all of them as MP4.

Illustration of the article titled NFT Bubble Mite Blasting, but streamers and sports orgs are still getting into it in detail

Fig: 100 thieves

There is a fourth “special edition” NFT that depicts three digital tennis in a showdown against each other. The winner of this particular auction will be able to meet Tenny in Tampa, Florida for “an epic full of streaming, gameplay, blogging, jet skiing and more” for it seems like a dream come true for a young fan of Tenny, but Already, bids have been placed on 000 3,000, but none of them are likely to be able to afford it.

It follows NFT from other supports such as Concer “Diamondcon” Joost, A. Call of Duty Pro is currently playing Activation Official Call of Duty League Jost for the New York Subliners Announced its NFT set last month And then posted a video of a mockup, but it still doesn’t seem to have sold out. Popular streamer Ben “Professor Broman” Bowman too Has published an NFT of its own GIF Back in February. Only one ether out of 50 copies sold for about ড 20.

The environmental impact of NFTs (and blockchain in general) is well documented at the moment. Artist and creative technologist Memo Acten is looking for Any single NFT – the sale of which often involves more than one transaction – can have a carbon footprint equal to the cost of electricity for anyone living in the EU for more than a month. It has created incessant controversy in the art and blockchain communities as well Moving towards more sustainable NFT transactions.

I’m talking Kotaku, Tenny acknowledged the environmental concerns surrounding the NFT and said that trying to reduce the toll they had taken was a priority in building his set..

Unfortunately we live in a world where millions of tons of carbon-dioxide are emitted every year, “Tenny added, noting that he had been immersed in crypto for almost a year. An email says.Sadly this was long before the NFT boom. This does not mean that we insisted on developing NFTFU and as a team we work with carbon –Neutral And –Negative designer who takes pride in using renewable energy and technology in his creative process. I am looking for people like Bipal who are taking the same step and I appreciate them for that. ”

Kotaku Also Arrived Jost And Bowman for more information on why they decided to do NFT despite being a distributor Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. 100 thieves declined to comment.

Some fans are not satisfied that the streamers and companies they have been following for many years are involved with NFTs.

“Not a fan,” One viewer said on Twitter In response to Tennyson’s NFT announcement. “I hope you’ll reconsider.”

“Just one of my favorite streamers supports NFT. I’m going to lose it, “a fan, he’s an artist, Tweeted In the context of Baumann’s position in the NFT. From a DM Kotaku, Fans added that their concerns are “from environmental impacts and to me at least it’s a very clear scheme, because people are losing a lot of money from it now.”

Another problem with NFTs is that technically anyone can create NFTs out of someone else’s work, rights or privileges. At this point, if you search the names of various popular streamers on the NFT Marketplace Openness, you will find many tokens that use their images. For example, The whole set of “non-fungal streamer” cards Tyler “Ninja” Blivins, Timothy “Tim the Tatman” radio and the couple behind Girlfriend Review, Matt and Shelby. There Extra card set Focus on different streamers as well. An NFT of the original Pogchamp Emot Five ethers are currently being sold for more than 10,000 10,000. A simple pixelated piece Based on Iman, “Pokমনmon” Anis recently sold for about 100 100. It has an NFTO Anis “claps after saying the n-word.” And of course there is An NFT on his leg. No one has bid on them yet.

Some streamers, viewers and even Twitch employees speculate that this is just the beginning.

“All NFTs have the potential to disrupt sub-ads for monetization on all manufacturing platforms,” ​​said Jason Hitchcock, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Sports Kotaku He has been in crypto space since 2014, Said on Twitter. “NFTs will not just be art or clip. Visitors will purchase membership tokens that unlock permissions to become members of the community and also directly support the creator. The possibilities are endless. “

From a DM Kotaku, Hitchcock provided additional ideas: “Imagine: a creator sends a special token to each of their 5 or more industry NFT owners and this token allows visitors a special discord, calendar of private super-fan events and discounts rants their store form in March. “

Others have suggested that emoticons and other visual elements of the streaming ecosystem be considered as streamer-specific collectibles. These, instead, can be supported by streamers without exceeding the twitch top. While some streamers have embraced the idea, many are not thrilled.

“Fuck right now,” Twitch Companion Radars Gaming In response to a question about the future effectiveness of NFT in streaming. “I am trying Smaller The impact on the environment will be greater than the impact I have had before.

Twitch Partner Breadwheat, Who answered the same question Just say“No, it’s bad,” he said Kotaku. “This is another example of how we intend to destroy our planet, for example, if money, money, money,” he said in an email. “From my point of view, a lot of people in the NFT feel like they’re entering the bottom line of a new crypto trend, no matter what harm it could do. The greenhouse gas emissions produced by NFT are ridiculous. They are disabled. I see technological innovation behind it, I really do, but it’s the greed of late capitalism for the grand alliance.

Hitchcock agrees that environmental issues should be a major concern, but he still believes that there is potential for sports orgs, streamers and other industries in NSPs.

“I understand the feeling behind environmental concerns,” he said. “Bitcoin mining uses a lot of energy. I think every industry needs to prioritize the environment while operating … At the end of the day, Ethereum is growing fast with a strong network impact, to stay here, and we’re seeing services that people are receiving like NFT and Defy. Genius comes out of the bottle, so if you’re really interested in curbing the environmental impact of Ethereum and Bitcoin, you should be active in your community with your voice and energy to help make these technologies more efficient in the long run. ”

Illustration of the article titled NFT Bubble Mite Blasting, but streamers and sports orgs are still getting into it in detail

Fig: Non-fungal streamers

Of course, if the NFT market continues to crawl, it won’t be anything significant in the long run. But if it is fixed –It can be as expert adviceAs big names like Ten and Tenny and 100 Thieves continue to be bought, ethical questions will become even more pressing, as will the initial questions surrounding whether people really care about buying NFTs from streamers and sports teams. In the world of art and sports, Millions of celebrities have been able to shut down NFT, But fewer names did not work out so well. Will the same pattern repeat itself in streaming and supports? On top of that, they support themselves Featured like some bubbles Own. If NFTs are also bubbling, then you have got a bubble in the bubble exactly so no solid foundation should be made from it.

Due to the overall inconsistency of the streamer’s paycheck, Broadwichry saw an application for additional sources of income, but he was still aware of the streamers’ NFT.

“As a twitch streamer, can NFTs help you make more money without any big business without some revenue? Of course, ”he said. “But you are harming the environment for profit like big business. You’re buying into the same corporate mindset as them; You feel more individualistic about it, because you’ve got your own.


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