The NSA allegedly used Denmark’s Internet cable for spying on European politicians

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French and German political leaders are “I want complete clarity“A recent report alleges that the United States spied on European government officials with Denmark several years ago, even going so far as to read bureaucrats’ emails and text messages.

A Recent investigations Denmark’s Independent Public Service Broadcaster (DR) has reported that Denmark’s top intelligence agency offered to help the US National Security Agency to try to conduct a survey of politicians affiliated with the European Union – such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to the DR, the espionage was part of a concerted effort where the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (“FE” for short) gave the NSA access to Danish Internet cables, blocking web traffic flowing to several European countries. The report claims that the NSA can “sound the alarm on top Norwegian, Swedish, German and French politicians and officials”.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The claims are based on an internal report from Operation Dunhammer, which covers the agency’s operations. Between 2012 and 2014. The “Dunhammer” report was completed in 2015, but has only now been made available to the public through DR’s reporting.

Inquiries into Edward Snowden’s revelations began in 2013, when a former NSA contractor leaked that the United States was engaged in extensive and ongoing espionage targeting its political allies. At this time, Showed infamous violations That the NSA monitored the phone calls of 35 world leaders for some unknown period of time. Merkel of Germany was published in the media as such a leader.

“This is not acceptable among allies, and even less so between allies and European partners,” French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday. A recent Franco German video summit. “We request that our Danish and American partners provide all information on these revelations and the veracity of the past. We are waiting for this answer. Similarly, Merkel agreed with Macron’s assertion that “wartaping among allies is not unacceptable.” CNN reports.

Other targets of the surveillance include “former German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and former German opposition leader Pierre Steinbrুকck.” Reuters reports. In response to a recent report, Steinbrবck told a German broadcaster that he thought it was “disappointing” that “friendly intelligence agencies are actually spying on other countries’ top representatives.”

America’s response is basically to extend a hand and run. According to The Washington Post, Many current and former U.S. officials responded to allegations that such espionage “should not be surprised, because allies regularly spy on each other.” That’s fair That has been created Numerous times before

While political espionage is a fact of history among “friendly” countries, very few countries have been able to do it as aggressively as the United States. Points in the case, previous report Suggested Merkel was actually under US surveillance for the most part Decade– which means that most of his political life has been played under the surveillance of the American surveillance state. With friends like this …

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