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Israeli spyware Developer NSO Group Its powerful targets have long claimed reasonable justification for the misuse of surveillance equipment. Yet despite protests এবং and increased scrutiny প্রযুক্ত from technology companies and regulators abuse continues. The latest revelations come from El Salvador, where NSO’s Pegasus malware was found on 37 devices that were found by 35 journalists and staff in November last year.

Those discoveries, Collectively Published By A consortium of digital rights organizations shows that despite the NSO group’s insistence that its products be used to track criminals and terrorists, governments continue to deploy against their innocent targets – and the NSO has done little to curb its clients.

Twenty-three of the infected devices belonged to journalists affiliated with the Salvadoran news site El Faro. The other three are people involved in compromised device publishing Cats off. Both have published critical reports of El Salvador’s government and have faced retaliation, such as being barred from various official press conferences, and El Faro has been accused of aggressive financial audits and tax evasion. Salvadoran’s president, Nieb Buckle, and his administration are deeply hostile to the media; In early 2021, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Precautionary measures have been granted 34 El Faro journalists feel that their work puts them at risk of human rights violations.

Other sure targets of Pegasus hacking include devices connected to the Salvadoran publication. Printer, Disrupted Digital Magazine, Today’s diary, And Magazine El Mundo, Plus those who are two independent reporters. The campaign also hit devices connected to local non-governmental organizations, including Crystal, Fundacione Democracy and Transparency y Justice. Significantly, the researchers found that some devices were infected with Pegasus more than 40 times. El Faro Says On November 23, Apple warned 12 of its reporters that their devices had been targeted by Pegasus spyware. The El Salvador Association of Journalists announced a day later that a total of 23 journalists from different newsrooms had received the same information. Others who have received Apple’s Pegasus targeting notifications include MP Johnny Wright Soul and San Salvador local councilor Hector Silva.

“In terms of the level and persistence of the infection in terms of the number of people being targeted more than once, it was quite startling,” said Natalia Krapiva, access legal tech consultant at Access Now, one of the organizations investigating the campaign. “Technology gives you access to everything you do on your phone, and we’ve heard the NSO say many times that they will take action to enforce human rights. Governments are also not transparent about the purchase and use of this spyware. They have to be held accountable. Civil society surveillance should not be the norm with these tools. “

NSO Group did not return WIRED’s request for comment on the results. Pegasus, which NSO has created for both Apple’s iOS mobile operating system and Google’s Android OS, can be used to track the location of a victim device, retrieve data such as text messages and emails, activate microphones and cameras, and more.

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