Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

New York City may soon reduce the chances AI bias In the job market. The Auxiliary printing press Comments There is a city council Passed A bill that would ban AI recruitment systems that do not conduct annual audits for race- or gender-based discrimination. Developers will need more transparency (including the release of automated systems), and provide alternatives like human reviews. The fine will be up to 500 1,500 per case.

The bill was passed on November 10. Outgoing mayor Bill de Blasio has a month to sign it into law, but has not said whether he will. If the measure goes ahead, it will be effective in 2023.

A signed law can reduce the pool of AI recruiting technology candidates and consequently the likelihood of slashing the workforce population. Businesses such as the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce are already in favor, suggesting that disclosures are important to both employers and their talents.

However, there are already concerns that legislation will not help as much as promised. Alexandra Givens of the Center for Democracy and Technology AP The bill is not responsible for other biases, such as competence or age. It also assumes that the audits are effective – Julia Stoanovich of New York University argued that the requirements are “very easy to meet.” There is a concern that the law could inadvertently protect employers who have different or identifiable biases on AI platforms.

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