The official Xbox series X mini fridge is coming

Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft Committed Official Xbox Series X. Mini Freezes if the company can win a Twitter brand competition, and he’s true to his word. Greenberg Followers said Microsoft will “go ahead” with plans for the Series X refrigerators. He did not offer price, availability or even a glimpse of refrigerators, but it is safe to assume that they would be easier to capitalize on in Microsoft Internet memes than in full-size refrigerators made by Microsoft.

The first fridge will go to Twitter rival Skeetles. And if you’re wondering: No, it’s not a joke about random April Fools.

It’s easy to see why Microsoft will do this. This is an interesting move that can help keep some console buyers away PlayStation 5. Still, there is not much reason to object. Most gaming paraphernalia revolves around cosmetic items like clothing and statues – it gives you something you can use on a daily basis long after you retire from your Xbox.


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