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Two more One wheel The electric board has come to expand the lineup of future motion. An upgraded version of the One Wheel Pint X. One Wheel Pint From 2019. This is twice the limit of the previous model up to 18 miles per charge and a faster speed of 18 miles per hour (compared to Pint’s 16mph limit).

The speed of the future

Although it has similar glasses One Wheel + XR (Which tops at 19mph), the Pint X is smaller than that machine. The Onewheel + XR starts at কম 1,499 and costs less than $ 1,799. It’s more expensive than the $ 950 one-wheel pint. Still, for those looking for a pint-sized model with high performance, the Pint X, which is now available, may fit the bill.

At the top of the lineup is Future Motion’s new flagship electric board: the One Wheel GT. The company has designed the board from scratch, and it has included a new control system with a higher voltage. This, according to Future Motion, will provide more power, torque and dynamic performance at all speeds. In fact, it is the first three-horsepower one-wheeler.

One Wheel GT

The speed of the future

A new battery system will keep the One Wheel GT rotating up to 32 miles on a single charge, the company claims. Elsewhere, Future Motion says the built-in Maghandle Pro and LED headlights are 300 percent brighter than other models of light, so the GT could be more effective for night trips. Footpads can be more comfortable, as they are concave on both sides. Also, there is a version with a traded tire for increased traction.

The Onewheel GT is still available today, but a premium product means a higher price It starts at 2,200. However, Future Motion is sweetening the deal with promotional offers for the first 48 hours such as bundle savings up to $ 275, free fender and free priority shipping to the following 48 states.

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