The ‘Outreaders’ makers are finally starting to recover your lost gear

If you are at hand to rescue Lost your list Outdrawer… however, a degree. Kotaku Report That people can fly and square annex Has started Recovering tools for “Group A” players who not only lost their gears, but could not login with one or more characters. Unfortunately if you are damaged you are not guaranteed to get everything back, but you should get all the decorated items, all the legendary inventory items and all the finished compliments.

While you’ll only get 20 “previously acquired” non-legendary items from your giant, they will be preferred and based on the rarity and the time you’ve got. If your inventory is full, you need to free up space before the server can deliver your gear. Characters that can login can pre-sell more than 20 “god-rolled” legend items.

The recovery is still ongoing, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait a few hours or more as of this writing.

The developers have not yet said when Group B players, who lost items but can still sign in, will get their tools back. Still, it’s an important start – and it’s very good news at a time when many gamers Their progress cannot be taken for granted.

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