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Pentagon inspector general investigates Pentagon UFO investigations Image of the article in the title

Screenshot: To The Star Academy of Arts and Sciences (Fair use)

Military UFOs The plot somehow thickens again: meNS Inspector G.Its general Department of Defense It isElf investigation The Pentagon’s program to investigate unknown air-related incidents

The Pentagon’s top investigators and supervisors Announcement “Subject Evaluation” in a light on-line letter Its scope clearly states that “to determine the extent to which DOD has taken action on anonymous aerial phenomenon (UAP)”.NSP Inspector G.The General plans to conduct such assessments at the “Secretary of Defense, Military Services, Command of Warplanes, War Support Agency, Defense Agencies and Military Crime Investigating Agencies”. The investigation will be held in May 2021, which means it has already started or will soon

Over the years, U.S. military personnel (especially Navy pilots) have reported strange, openly indescribable events in the skies. Video recorded by fighter pilots Showing unknown objects outside the boundaries of known engineering or an event in 2019 where objects are being imagined Suspicion of being a drone Buzz a naval squadron conducting training exercises on the other side of the Channel Islands More than one night, of course. In some cases, the philosophies were substantiated by other evidence Like radar readings.

The Pentagon has since publicly acknowledged that reports of such incidents are genuine, and the Navy has said it will create a new reporting process. Investigate them More thoroughly. Department of Defense and dThe director of the National Intelligence Agency has been tasked with presenting their investigation report to Congress, although the process has stalled. Bureaucratic military fighting.

Media attention to viewers has increased in recent years as part of the efforts of Blink 182 rocker Tom Dillange to join the Star Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) with various individuals who have broadcast military footage of these encounters and have a series of New York Times article A গো 22 million Pentagon project, known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The program is known as a private project by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, an aerospace research firm led by UFO believer, and Red collaborator Robert Bigelow, and funded curious places such as about 40 studies on bizarre topics. Wired report Includes “invisible clothing and warps drive, Per Fusion power And Laser weaponsAs more general Advanced Physics And physics work. “Other curious references came, such as the recovery of” metal alloys “(later cleared as” meta materials “) as part of the UAP program, run by former military intelligence officer Luis Elizondo.” Now associated with TTSA.

It’s not just the Navy that is interested: in 2019, an Army war program signed an agreement with the TTSA Study of foreign technology It is based on “meta materials” So-called acquired At least 50,750,000 military expenditures are involved from one UFO researcher. The army later denied it Disclose any information About what’s going on on the motherboard.

If the military knows how to fly there, the explanations that have been introduced include regular aircraft, weather balloons and identification by military personnel (possibly with faulty equipment), advanced aircraft operated by an unknown enemy, or if you extend evidence as true Want to do but rumor meta-material as thin, outward inspection.

It is not clear why the inspector general may be interested in the Pentagon’s UFO-tracking activities, but one can speculate that it may be related. The office believes that the Department of Defense’s funds were properly distributed during all these activities. Other possible explanations include the dangers of classified materials. Who knows? This is just an excuse for the men in the black helicopter to come to the clean house.

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