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Pikachu and Mewat also face off.

Pikachu and Mewat also face off.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

Detective Pikachu, A detective, almost certainly saw it coming.

Deadline Report That Lucifer Co-host Joe Henderson A live-action production and composition is executive Pokemon A series similar to Netflix, but different from, Warner Bros. ‘ Adaptation Detective Pikachu. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Detective Pikachu, Will borrow plot points from an existing one Pokemon Games, or animated series, or one of dozens of others Pokemon Featured stories from the past of the franchise.

Nintendo Has an established history Its IP is somewhat protective when working with other companies on projects like this. But consider Detective PikachuUndeniable box office success, Creates a series of Netflix A certain amount of knowledge, especially when you consider those many asons Pokemon Anime is currently streaming on the platform. Netflix’s announcement comes in the midst of the Pokemon franchise’s 25th anniversary The past has been marked by a number of events centering on it.

When iT would be interesting if the new series tries to tap into something of the nostalgic power of the 25th anniversary, how should it be considered a? Pokemon The show may also like to be similar in the lives of non-combatants Pokemon Snap, Or As the history of Pokemon world Pokemon Legend: Aresius Ready to do. There are any numbers in different directionsThat Netflix’s Pokemon The project may eventually take over, And they have the potential to mix feedback from all fans, Who – if we were all honest with each other always imagined what Pokemon life might look like.

In the end, the design of the monsters Is The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however Netflix undoubtedly knows that this is the first Pokemon showf Success requires stunning looks.

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