The post-pandemic summer of the 20’s, with its spit-shifting roar, terrified me.

This may vary. To many, including me, the anxiety is losing the hit before the shot enters the arm. “The anticipation of social media is often the hardest thing to do,” said Brown. Can. ” Welcome to the buildup period.

The good news is we can Relieve these symptoms. The first step is to be present. Easier said than done, but when you feel the future-oriented thoughts are growing, Brown said, try to catch them and remind yourself not to think about summer until summer. “When we think about the future, we feel anxious and when we think about the past, we feel sad. And so the goal is to try as much as possible and just stay here and now. “

Above all, we need to make deals to beautify ourselves. Richard Hamburg, a professor of psychology at Temple University and former director of its Adult Anxiety Clinic, notes that this generosity will be especially necessary as there will be some “rust” as anxious and unreasonable. Even things that felt second nature in the pre-times, such as traveling or working in an office, can cause some discomfort after a whole year without practice. “That level of concern is us [all] Feelings in general are going to improve due to health concerns and rust concerns, “he said.” It’s important to make sure that whatever goal we set for ourselves takes it into account and that we consider it as ambitious rather than prescriptive.

“If we expect ourselves to behave perfectly, if we don’t reach that value, we will defeat ourselves,” says Hamburg. “Everyone is concerned about acknowledging that we think as much as we do around them. And it’s just about giving ourselves a chance to be human.

With life Line, the threat of Covid-1 of has empowered many of us with the confidence to say no to others and to ourselves. The few social programs I have been able to conduct at Lockdown have fortunately brought an extra level of sensitivity from friends and family. I tried my best to provide them, perhaps most importantly, the situation led me to extend the principle of judgment-free acceptance to myself. And I’m not ready to give it up.

I don’t need that honesty with myself and others about what we are comfortable with and what we actually are I want The virus does not have to disappear. In fact, navigate all the exercises Conversation The virus can only leave us better at what settings and activities we are right with.

“This epidemic has created language for people to start expressing how the level of comfort can be different from their friends and I think it’s a great start,” Brown said. “When the context is different, and the reason why you can’t be socially involved because of the virus is less, I think people still have to set these boundaries on their own … they’re not going to say everything, but so that you Saying yes to things that can make you happy. “

In the perfect world I wanted to ruin Marie Condo after my social life-vaccine the things that make me happy and the things that don’t tell me. I would burst the epidemic bubble without losing my epidemic perspective. Of course it has never been so easy. I am still the same person. Expectations will inevitably sink Occ Occ I will do things I don’t want to do, or I’ll look around to see if my decisions are right. But hopefully, I’ll be a little kinder to myself.

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