The project tried to spy on Trump’s FBI in the Veritas report

James O'Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida in 2021.
Pictures: Joe Riddle (Getty Images)

Project Veritas, a shady but flood-proof skilled-right party, began filming to disguise liberals and enlisted a British spy within the Donald Trump administration to help carry out an operation aimed at defaming the FBI and suspected enemies. The New York Times reported Thursday.

AOBORS, an operation involving attempts to criticize Trump’s own advisers, involved ড 10,000 a month at a Georgetown residence, hired FBI agents to date female operatives, and former British spy Richard Sidon-who was a collaborator and Veritas collaborator on the project. Previously listed The group aims to help infiltrate trade unions and political propaganda. The Times reported that Project Veritas operatives began monitoring FBI agents in the hope of recording something that might turn out to be evidence of an FBI conspiracy to land Trump. Some of its members also planned a sting operation to send a woman with a hidden camera to meet a then-national security adviser, HR McMaster, with a unique purpose, although the Times noted that Veritas of the project could not verify its direction.

The Times report also did not claim that Trump or the White House was actually aware of the attempt, although an amateur agent claimed they had access to inside information:

It is unclear whether any of Mr. Trump’s White House advisers had direct knowledge of the campaign, but Mr. McMaster, one of the campaigners against Barbara bin Laden, said he was brought in “with access to McMaster’s calendar.”

At the time, Mrs. Leiden was a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, headed by then-Iowa Senator Charles E. Grassley.

Veritas of the project could point to one of the ultimate real successes of its past – it forced the advocacy group ACORN to split with selectly edited and manipulated footage by pressuring Veritas founder James O’Keefe on how to run low-level ACORN staff. A prostitution ring has cleared its ACORN after the government accountability office Mishandling any federal funds. Aside from these, the group’s efforts are largely the kind of political stunts that can easily be profoundly understood.Pocketed but not particularly discreet Republican donors that project Veritas is a serious investigative operation.

Some of the more infamous projects, including Veritas Griffiths, include failed attempts to gain access to Senator Mary Landrio’s offices, and ended with O’Keefe being convicted of misdemeanors, most of which were fruitful plots. Catfish Twitter staff And a failed attempt to joke Washington Post reporters Disrespecting the current former GOP Senator Roy Moore by making blatantly false accusations against them (so that they can be distracted from Moore’s very real and well-proven statement). Sexual abuse of minors).

The group also launched several failed attempts to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election, and Joe Biden’s victory was deceptive, such as supporting a U.S. postal service “whistle blower” who later claimed to USPS investigators that USPS was involved in mail fraud. The product of his imagination. Project Veritas has quickly cached many so-called sources Profitable fund At GoFundMe, they usually claim that they need thousands to thousands of dollars to defend themselves against the liberal struggle.

The plot against McMaster came one after another, the Times wrote BuzzFeed article Safra A. Katz, CEO of Orakal, was present at a 2013 dinner calling Trump a “fool”. Katz complained to the White House, which could not prove the details of his remarks. Veritas operatives and other Trump loyalists planned to prove McMaster’s infidelity and put a woman on camera to separate him from the National Security Adviser, who was married. The Times reports:

Soon after the BuzzFeed article, the scheme was developed to try to implicate Mr. McMaster: hire a woman to risk the same restaurant, Tusca, with a hidden camera. According to the plan, whenever Mr. McMaster returned to her, the woman would continue to talk to him and try to make comments to him due to alcoholism that might force him to resign or dismiss him.

McMaster Trump was already unpopular in the world, and the president regularly campaigned against him in the CIA, the FBI, and the State Department’s “deep state” operators. According to the Times, Leiden, an employee of the Senate Judiciary, said he was asked to assist in the plan “by whom he relied” (but could not conveniently remember the name) and provided information to a person who could be Veritas using a false name. The research paper wrote that interviews and documents showed that former British spy Seddon Veritas offered Tarah Price 10,000 10,000 to the operative. Project Veritas never got a chance to pull it off, as McMaster resigned in March 2018 anyway.

Project Veritas at Wyoming Ranch, owned by Seddon Prime, was also involved in the training effort, the hired contractors who founded the academy (formerly Blackwater USA). The Times wrote:

After joining Mr. Sidon Project Veritas, he embarked on a journey to professionalize what was once a small operation through a limited budget. He recruited ex-soldiers, a former FBI agent and a former British commando … In a role-playing exercise, a trainee was interrogated by a law enforcement officer and the officer had to “protect their cover” and avoid “exciting.”

Another exercise instructs trainees on how to target a person in an elevator. Students were encouraged to think of their “goals as potential future access agents, potential donors, support / benefit agents.”

“Students need to create and maintain a fictional cover,” reads a document.

According to the Times, the attempt to implicate FBI agents began shortly after McMaster’s resignation, and was led by Siddon at his Georgetown home near CD. King of ghosts. Women living at home create fake dating profiles and refer to each other with code names like “Brazil” and “Tiger”; A former contestant was reported Survival. The operation was able to dig up a handful of government employees who expressed their opposition to Trump on hidden cameras, but at the moment, there was no pull outside of the Derholdhold Republican circles and conspiracy theorists in Project Veritas, which means his efforts came to naught. Virtually nothing Importance. None of these government employees have worked for the FBI, but for various other agencies.

With Project Veritas, Siddon clearly reached the limit of his patience, and during the release of the first video, three former Veritas told the Times (in the language of the paper) Kefir wishes. “

O’Keefe told the Times that their article was a “smear piece” related to a case involving a “continuous pattern of defamation of Veritas in the project.” Neither McMaster, Prince nor Sidon made statements to the Times. Leiden told the paper that he was merely a messenger and “not part of any conspiracy.”

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