Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

What was the first universe like?

Advances in computing could help astronomers bring back the cosmic clock. Earlier this year, it was used by Japanese astronomers ATERUI II, A supercomputer that specializes in astronomical simulations, to reconstruct what the universe looked like in the early days of the Big Bang.

ATERUI II is assisting researchers in the investigation Cosmic inflationThe theory that the early universe expanded rapidly from one moment to the next. Astronomers agree that this expansion would leave extreme variations in the density of matter that would affect both the distribution of galaxies and the way they evolved.

The project requires a lot of data storage (about 10 terabytes, equivalent to 22,000 episodes of Game of Thrones)

By comparing 4,000 simulations of the original universe — all fluctuating at different densities in contrast to the real thing, scientists can rewind time and ask why some parts of the universe are full of cosmic activity where others are barren.

Masato Shirasaki, An assistant professor at the National Astronomical Observatory in Japan says it is almost impossible to answer questions without this simulation. The project requires a lot of data storage (about 10 terabytes, equivalent) 22,000 episodes of it Game of Thrones)

Shirasaki’s team has created a model of how the universe is thought to have evolved and applied it to each simulation to see what the results might look like today. This method has made it easier to explore the physics of cosmic inflation.

Over the next few years, Shirasaki’s methods may help shorten the observation time required for future efforts. Sphere, A spacecraft scheduled for a two-year mission 2024 that will orbit the Earth and look at about 300 million galaxies across the sky. With this leap in computing, our understanding of the universe is expanding, little by little.

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