Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Each politician manages the end of their career separately. Some retired legislators take the jig to speak to the public, some continue their favorite philanthropic endeavors, and some just go for them. Long walk in the woods. Remember, not Donald Trump. The 45th (but not the final) President of the United States has focused on what he is doing: it has been a challenge in recent months, encouraging every insidious and toxic thought directly from his conspiratorial noggin to the Internet, What happened to him after he had previously banned himself from virtually every English-speaking social media site on the planet due to allegations and incitement to steal all his baseless elections? Rebellion.

But no more! A few hours ago Facebook’s Oversight Board has announced its verdict Trump took the initiative on whether it would allow the former president to return to his platform and unveiled a new communication platform of his own. Big social media! See its great golden glory From Donald J. Trump’s desk, A whole whole webpage dedicated to giving Trump what he desperately wants: somewhere on the Internet where he can complain about how the rest of the Internet is so settled and unfair to him.

The page will allow Trump to post comments, images and videos. According to Fox News, The page appears to be run by Campaign Nucleus, a “digital ecosystem designed to efficiently manage political campaigns and organizations,” created by his former Trump campaign manager, Brad Parcel. Threatened to sue earlier.

And in the tradition of the former president, it would not be a traditional theological kind of social network. It is a one-way communication. Trump’s post and the public we don’t wash must decorate his brazen bronze licks for business and political wisdom. Not to mention the Q-Ann conspiracy and the healthy dose of old-fashioned fascism.

And yes, before you ask, web pages must be built on the same balance as Trump’s other assets:

Okay, maybe that was a bad example. But at least the person running the account – If you remember that it was also used to run this whole country – He knows what he’s doing:

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