The restraint of more content is not always good

As companies develop more and more technology to search and remove content in a variety of ways, an expectation is created that they should use it. To be able to Refers to moderation Should Moderate. After all, once you use a tool, it’s hard to put it in a box. However the addition of materials is now snowballing and the parallel erosion in its path is often overlooked.

There is a chance Now for some careful consideration of the way forward. Trump’s social media accounts and selections are in the rearview mirror which means content additions are no longer a constant A1 story. Perhaps this proves that the real source of a lot of resentment was politics, not platforms. But there should be lin or – Great display of energy The handful of agency executives showed up to turn the off-switch on the accounts of the free world leader.

The chaos of 2020 has shattered the notion that some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful people must take action, even with a clear section on giving harmful “misinformation” about ways to separate health from politics. Last week, for example, Facebook Its principle is the opposite And said it would no longer leave Covid-19 posts claiming to be man-made or manufactured. Just a few months ago New York Times This belief was faith “Baseless“The theory proves that social media contributed to the ongoing” reality crisis. ” Mask. Epidemic at first, Facebook Forbidden Advertising for them on the site. It lasted until JuneWhen the WHO finally Change its guidelines Experts also recommend wearing a mask Long ago. The good news, I guess, is what they are That was not effective Enforcement of sanctions in the first place. (At the time, however, this was not seen as good news.)

Further revelations about what the authorities did wrong during an epidemic or disaster, such as politics, not skills, will naturally lead to more skepticism among designated narrators, relying on them or individual platforms to decide to close the conversation. Issuing public health guidelines for a specific moment is not the same as declaring a reasonable boundary to the debate.

There are also geopolitical costs of calls for more crack-downs. Authoritarian and repressive governments around the world have pointed to the eloquence of liberal democracy in justifying their own censorship. This is clearly a definite comparison. Criticism of the government’s handling of the public health emergency, As the Indian government is doing, As free speech it is as clear as a clear. But there Is Screaming on the platforms to take a little further down Here But stop going down so much Over there. So far Western governments have refused to address it as they have most of the platforms to defend the global enthusiasm for digital authoritarianism. And losing platforms. If the government wants to stand up for the rights of many users outside their borders, they need to walk and chew gum on how they talk about platform control and free speech.

There are other trade-offs. Because scale content moderation Never have to be perfectThe question should always be wrong on which end of the line when applying the rule. Stricter rules and the application of heavier hands will necessarily mean more false positives: that is, more valuable statements will be made. This problem is exacerbated by the increased reliance on automatic controls to scale the content: these tools are Blunt and stupid. If more content is asked to be downloaded, the algorithms will not think twice about it. They cannot tell the difference between evaluating the context or recording content that praises violence or evidence of human rights violations. The extent of this approach has become apparent during the last few weeks of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as has Facebook Move repeatedly Necessary materials From and about the Palestinians. This Not one off. Maybe No. It should always be understood – especially as we know that these errors fall Disproportionately Already turned on Marginal And Weak Communities.

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