The ‘Return’ patch has fixed the save-breaking issue since yesterday’s update

Housemark is not kidding when it says there will be a patch for it ReturnSave the file bug There are studios in “a few hours” Released Patch 1.3.4 for the PS5 title to safely return to the 1.3.1 code while also exploiting a keyboard and fixing a known trophy problem. An appropriate 1.3.5 patch is coming soon, Housemark says. However, whether your previously saved games survived the flawed 1.3.3 patch is another matter.

If your reserves maintain their file size after 1.3.3, they may be able to resume progress even after being corrupted. If they are reduced to 0 KB, you need to take a PlayStation Plus Cloud Backup if you have any available. And if you don’t … well, true to the game’s loop-based mechanics, you’ll have to start all over again.

The Booted 1.3.3 update makes the introduction of such a game the slightest stigma. Otherwise quite committed. The biggest disappointment so far Return That was a daunting task – and if all went well, it would be your only consideration.

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