Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Today, the ring is announcing Ring Alarm Pro, A higher version of its home security system that will protect both your home and your network security. The Amazon-owned security company has merged with the Amazon-owned networking firm, Arrow, to incorporate modern technology into the former’s hardware. Including one with Alarm Pro Inside the arrow router, A module can now sit at the center of your home’s Internet and security system.


In addition, Ring will now sell you additional battery packs that can be used to extend the working life of your alarm system up to 24 hours during a power outage. Needless to say, you can’t just move a Yaro router next to your existing ring alarm product, however, since the new features take advantage of the integrations available in the Pro.

Picture of Ring Alarm Pro Battery Pack
You need to buy four packs to get 24 hours battery life of your base station.


To take advantage of the technology, you’ll need to sign up for Ring’s new subscription product, Dub Protect Pro. The package includes Cloud Video Storage, Professional Monitoring, Alexa Guard Plus, 24/7 backup internet for your security device (via an LTE module at the Ring Pro base station) and Eero’s cyber security subscription product For network security. This, at least once it launches in the United States, will set you 20 20 per month or 200 200 per year in the front position.

Ring COO Mike Harris said the decision by Amazon to work with Yero did not go down well. Instead, Harris said the two organizations saw an opportunity to work together so they could combine their personal skills.

At the same time, Ring is launching a system called “Virtual Security Guard”, which connects users with third-party security guards. You will have to pay separately for this, but you can give access to selecting Ring Camera Feeds to companies that can monitor your assets. This is when speed is detected so that an operator can access your feed, and talk to anyone out there to determine their purpose. The ring adds that the camera cannot view third-party motion events unarmed, and cannot download, share, or save clips of what’s going on in your front yard. The first company to sign up for the program is Rapid Response, with others expected to join in the near future.

The ring also offers some good news for existing ring doorbell owners, at least if you’ve played the Pro 2 or the 2020-and-new version. These devices will soon be able to take advantage of Smart Alerts to let you know if a package has been delivered to a specially designated area at your doorstep. Additionally, you can set the battery of your spotlight cam to detect objects left in a certain state, such as if you leave your garage door open. This should be effective again to avoid the curse of “I’ve unlocked the X” while you’re miles away from home.

Ring Alarm Pro is available for pre-order today for 250, the Protect Pro package costs you ড 20 a month. If you want to try Virtual Security Guard, meanwhile, you need to contact the company and apply for initial access.

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