The Roku Voice Remote Pro has some streaming button issues

Roku's new Voice Remote Pro (left) is next to the previous generation of Roku Remote.

Roku’s new voice remote pro (left) next to the previous generation of Roku Remote.
Pictures: Katie Cake / Gizmodo

If you always go to Roku’s new Voice Remote Pro, you’ll get a sense of the Apple TV + button in marketing materials.

When I was sent a Voice Remote Pro Last week, there were four streaming buttons on the spread I received: Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and Sling TV. However, Protee’s marketing images first made it clear that the hulu button scotched the remote with the bottom row and an Apple TV + button instead of a ceiling shortcut. Jetz is not funny!, And Roku confirmed to Gizmodo that the Apple TV + button remote will take one minute to start shipping.

“It will take a few months to convert the button to Roku Voice Remote Pro, but in the meantime customers will be able to use their voice to program the personal shortcut button to launch their favorite channels,” said a spokesperson.

In fact, a pair of programmable buttons is one of the handy great things about the Voice Remote Pro, which is also rechargeable. In addition to “Find My Remote” And the hands-free features, personalized shortcut keys allow Apple TV + subscribers to get around these hiccups fairly easily. Button issue, but probably will bother anyone No. A sling customer but it is Apple’s customer Service

A marketing image depicting an Apple TV + shortcut button on the new Voice Remote Pro.

A marketing image depicting an Apple TV + shortcut button on the new Voice Remote Pro.
Fig: Years

While it’s not clear why the button was featured in marketing materials and why this change appears so late in the game, it does indicate that Apple’s winning streak has doubled, even as a service that is relatively new to space and still works to build a significant library of roots. Doing.

Roku aggressively expands support for Apple users who opt for streaming Device In Apple’s own set-top boxes, which are significantly more expensive than many of Roku’s devices. Finally Roku Introduced AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support Roku OS 9.4 update on its 4K devices, and the Apple TV + button expresses the company’s desire to target Apple users directly to its remote.

It turns out, however, that the marketing materials made the gun jump a bit. So if an Apple TV + button needs a make-or-break upgrade for you, it looks like we might have to wait a few months before we start seeing it become widely available.

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