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A man and a woman are looking at each other under the water.

Luke Robinson and Fiona Graham In the middle of Ween Wei.
Pictures: Jordan Entertainment

Imagine that the one you love the most was missing এবং and was missing for so long that everyone else in your orbit (including the annoyed detective in the perpetually cold case) encouraged you to move on. But even if you’re not sure, you think you’re getting a glimpse of them because they’re wandering around the perimeter of your life. What are you looking at? GhostOr something More science-fiction-y Going? And How far are you To find out?

Jamie (Fiona Graham) tackles that dilemma in the new “Spiritual Romance” movie In the middle of Ween Wei. io9 is debuting the movie trailer today, and you can watch it here.

The trailer certainly gives a big plot development, which is on Earth In the middle of Ween Wei, The parallel universe is real. (Multiverse: It’s too hot Right now!) But it also highlights a very good point: “If you were going from one level to another, how would you know which one is yours?” Even Rick and MortyPortal technology master Rick Sanchez sometimes gets into trouble in that department – so you can imagine that Jamie, who plunges into all this like the insane power of conspiracy theorists, can easily get confused.

Here is the gist of the film, where Luke Robinson also starred (Boys) Like the long-lost Isaac: “Jamie is haunted by the introspective visit of her supposed dead lover Isaac. She persuades him to join her on this parallel dimension. ? Powered by Virginia Abramovich, who co-wrote with Catherine Andrews, In the middle of Ween Wei On September 21, it appeared in North America in select theaters as well as digital and VOD.

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