Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Samsung's portable freestyle projector turns walls and ceiling into big-screen TVs

Pictures: Samsung

When it comes to the modern, customizable media-viewing experience, Samsung seems to be better than anyone else. While the brand’s frame TV has developed the art of incorporating your TV into the eclectic design of your living room, freestyle portable projectors Designed for those who want to make the world their living room.

Weighing less than two pounds (1.83, right), the Freestyle is a next level, fully customizable projector that looks like a little speaker or a mini spotlight that can help make your entertainment fully portable. The device may be small, but it is full of features, and it is capable of playing music, displaying decorative lighting, And projecting video.

Freestyle 180-degree cradle stand lets you swivel your media on any surface, from 30 inches to the most readily available Up to 100 inches On your ceiling or wall. The device comes with auto focus And automatic leveling Features built-in, which means it will always automatically align to any surface you want to project.

It also has a compact sizeHe said the freestyle seems to be the obvious choice for the increasingly nomadic set of young people. Can you fit a TV to your home converted school bus so you can work remotely from Arches National Park in Utah as a content creator? No, probably not — but you can probably fit in a lightweight, ultra-portable freestyle and use the rest of the space for a chair or something else. The outdoor type will love that the Freestyle comes with an optional waterproof case and USB-C portable battery, as well as 360-degree sound and long-range voice control that creates an incredible viewing experience outside.

Outside of its media applications, Freestyle is also capable of creating trippy audio-visual experiences with its lens caps, which can be or can be used to create mood lighting. Your playlist has been synced for a disco effect. Anyone who is short or likes to go, feels like a freestyle A perfect way to get your favorite shows, movies, And music come with you.

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