The San Francisco Clipper Transit Card is supported by the iPhone and Apple Watch

You can now use an iPhone or an Apple Watch for your daily commute to the Gulf. Apple and the metropolitan transportation commission Has been turned on Support for Clipper, all reloadable transit cards in the Bay Area on those devices. It gives you a non-communicative way to board buses, trains and ferries Bert And 23 other transit services that work with cards.

Apple first Announcement Its partnership with Clipper dates back to February, but there is still no rollout date for its adjustment. Now, you can add a card by opening the Wallet app, selecting the clipper option and then selecting “Transfer Existing Card”. You can load your card using Apple Pay. As long as you enable Express Transit, you’ll be able to pay for the ride by holding your device to the clipper reader – you don’t even have to use Face ID / Touch ID, wake up / unlock your device, or open an app.

That said, you can only attach a clipper card to one device at a time, although you can transfer between devices when needed. Also, you need to have iOS 8 or later with iOS 14.3, or an Apple Watch Series 3 or later with iOS 7.2 or newer.

MTC Chair Alfredo Pedroza said in a statement:

“Last year taught us the importance of paying off communication, and Clipper is another way to deliver on that promise. Agents and transit operators.”

MTC has also launched a new Clipper mobile application for the iPhone that gives you a way to manage clipper cards, plan trips to the Gulf and purchase transit agency passes for use on your Apple device. Android users will soon be able to attach their cards to their phones, as Clipper is coming to Google in May.

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