The sci-fi comedy short untitled Earth Sim 64 World is a simulation

A woman realizes that her world is an imitation of the sci-fi comedy short untitled Earth SIM 64.

Marie (Karen Ulrich-White) realizes that her world is full of pixels and lies.
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Suddenly learn that your doubts are the target and the world as you know it actually is A computer simulation. Absolutely nothing is real. What do you want to do? That raises the question Sci-fi comedy short Untitled Earth SIM 64.

“Comedy” being the main narrator of the writer-director’s very bizarre short film Jonathan Wilhelmson. Marie (Karen Ulrich-White) is just about her day when everything around her The beginning Glitching with anxious frequencies is a sudden and abrupt isolation Voice (J.Ames Fraser) lets it slip that Marie herself is part of a particularly-successful simulation of her whole reality. Naturally, he freaks out … but then he comes to a kind of Jane The acceptability of the situation.

If you enjoy Untitled Earth SIM 64– What Wilhelmson says io9 was made “a Shooting budgets on two very hot summer days in Gothenburg. ”You can too Check it out Video created, As well as a VFX breakdown.

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